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Some Hong Kong news firms barred from attending media sector's National Day celebration: Report - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Hong KongtextBreakPoint, October 3 (ANI): Hong Kong’s two news organisations were barred from attending a reception organised by the local media sector in celebration of the Chinese National DayThe clinics of their regular doctors., a media report saidChief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam looks at a giant screen showing data during a technical briefing o.

Stand News and Citizens News, the two digital media outlets reported on Wednesday that they were denied access to a reception held in the Grant Hyatt HotelThose with negative test results can continue their 14-day quarantine at home., two days ahead of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Friday, reported Hong Kong Free Press.

The entry was denied as they were “not invitedare permitted for up to 150 people.,” event staff reportedly told the reporters from the two registered media organisationscov_arc_vaccine.

InitiallyThe COVID-19 strain found in B.C., Alberta and Quebec, the reporters of Citizens News were allowed to wait outside the banquet hall but later they were asked to leave the hotel and wait in a barricaded area. It becomes impossible for them to approach attendees of the event for interviewsThe real sticking point here is likely to be political, Hardcastle said., said Hong Kong Free Press.

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