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Second hand houses are increasingly favored by owners because of their price and location advantages. However, many owners lack experience in the decoration of second-hand houses, and it is inevitable to encounter various problems in the decoration process. Because second-hand houses involve much more decoration problems than new houses, both structural demolition and renovation and hydropower projects need reasonable planning and design. Let's take a look at the second-hand house decoration scheme explained by Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian for you, and teach you how to change your old house into a new one

second hand house decoration scheme 1: break the "knife handle" house type

common old-fashioned "knife handle" house type: the first entrance is a narrow hall, with kitchens and toilets on both sides of the hall, and two rooms on both sides of the hall. The biggest disadvantage of this structure is its small space. Therefore, in the secondary decoration, the focus fell on the transformation of house type. First of all, the partition walls between the kitchen and the lobby as well as the bedroom are all broken down to make an open kitchen, which expands the space of the kitchen and makes the natural lighting of the kitchen better. For the transformation of the bedroom, the sliding door is used to distinguish the bedroom from other spaces, increasing the sense of space flow

second hand house decoration scheme 2: partition furniture

the lightness and transparency of partition furniture can make the old house "younger", such as creating a looming beauty with screens and plating a layer of mystery on the old house. As shown in the above figure, the antique screen creates a leisure area in the living room and makes full use of the space under the stairs

second hand house decoration scheme 3: making partial ceiling

there are too many irrationalities in the old house for the relatively mature new house type. If the floor height is insufficient, local wall top surface and lighting treatment can be used to change it. For example, the dining area can be used as a color wall extending from the top to the top, which is the same width as the dining table or less than the size of the dining table. There is a local ceiling, which can be embedded with three downlights and controlled by a dimmer switch; Or use a paper or aluminum single chandelier, which is more suitable for the world of two people. The layout of the room should be simplified as much as possible, and the old furniture should not be used if it can not be used. Choose a few simple, lively furniture with strong storage function

second hand room decoration scheme 4: expand the dining area

remove the original wall connecting the living room and the bedroom, and add a dining area at this location, which significantly improves the dining room with insufficient original plane space, expands the kitchen and dining room area, and enriches the space content of the living room at the same time. Second hand house decoration scheme 5: break through the partition wall

so that the owner can live comfortably and look comfortable in the space, which is the first thing to consider before decoration. Space comfort scale is the optimization and integration of space functions and forms of expression. Most of the old buildings are traditional brick concrete structures, rather than the common frame structures now, so when changing, the original structure cannot be destroyed at will. However, it is not impossible to regenerate the old building through the skillful work of the designer. Generally, there are fixed walls between the living room and dining room of the old house. We can get through the living room and dining room, which virtually expands the living room and dining room, transparent and open, and does not make people feel depressed





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