Yipin wooden door is customized in the whole room,

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Yipin wooden door ・ whole house customization, whether from the overall style or space utilization, can fully meet the personalized needs of customers

Yipin wooden door ・ whole case solution ・ whole room space

wooden door ― wallboard ― whole room customization

the consumption concept and consumption mode of Chinese people are changing with the development of social economy. In order to comply with the development of the times and meet the needs of society, Yipin wooden door is committed to expanding diversified business directions, combining offline, online and modern logistics, using big data to improve the company's inventory management and system, and applying VR new technology Develop intelligent products and implement Internet home decoration. Yipin wooden door is moving towards diversification, science and technology, and intelligence

with the continuous progress of modern science

people's aesthetics are also constantly improving

most property buyers who pursue personality and want to be different

how to decorate has become their biggest trouble...

the concept of "whole house customization" came into being

"whole house customization" has also become the mainstream of decoration

whole house customization, that is, to design a complete set of furniture style according to the personality and taste of the owner, Give full play to the color matching and space storage of furniture, show the personalized, refined, humanized and rationalized characteristics of customized furniture, and make the whole house produce a harmonious and unique overall home style

whole house customization

whether in terms of overall style or space utilization, it can fully meet the personalized needs of customers

let's enjoy the unique charm of whole house customization

the whole house customization pays attention to the design and collocation of details,

has a higher sense of quality,

on the basis of emphasizing personalization and functionality,

adds more independent creativity and features,

can fully reflect the owner's identity, status, life taste and cultural cultivation,

expresses people's attitude towards life

the area of the room determines the choice of customized furniture,

the specific room type determines the type and size of specific products

the whole house customization is accurately customized according to the size measured in the house.

the installation combination is not limited by size and has high integrity

in the early design stage,

consumers can see their home design scheme in advance,

they can predict the surprise in advance without installing it at home

even if there is dissatisfaction with the details,

can also participate in the modification of the scheme design,

until the user is satisfied

in the process of design,

home designers will communicate with consumers in real time,

consumers can put forward some specific requirements according to their personal preferences,

such as color combination, material collocation, humanized storage, etc.

designers can meet consumers' individual needs in combination with users' living habits

whole house customization can not only make rational use of various spaces in the home,

solve the problem of disorderly placement of items,

but also coordinate the whole home environment

reasonable path planning,

make each partition relatively independent and harmonious, and realize the maximization of space utilization

Yipin wooden door adheres to the original intention and ingenuity

always strive for perfection in quality and technology

give home space health and environmental protection

customize it for every home




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