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Technology is the foundation to promote the development of the industry. People's demand for quality of life is becoming stronger and stronger, and the market is also quietly changing at this time

technology is the foundation to promote the development of the industry. People's demand for quality of life is becoming stronger and stronger, and the market is quietly changing at this time. Since 2017, original technology has become the core of the development of all walks of life. Whether it is supply side reform or high-tech research, it is inseparable from the support of original technology. As an advocate of concept kitchen, Zhejiang Cohen appliance has accumulated rich technical experience in the research and development and manufacturing of kitchen appliances. Recently, it has launched a number of subversive range hoods, such as liquid crystal flat-panel smoke machine 7210, intelligent side suction variable-frequency smoke machine 9015, which have been highly sought after by consumers all over the country once they are listed

according to relevant investigation and research, at present, the net smoke absorption rate of the traditional range hood in the market is only about 70%, which not only leads to the smoke in the kitchen, but also the surface of other kitchen appliances and furniture in the kitchen has been smoked for a long time, and has also been stained with thick oil stains, which makes the kitchen a serious disaster area for family health. As a leading brand in the industry, Cohen electric always takes building product innovation ability as the core goal of the enterprise, taking users as the center and improving users' pain points as the goal. Step on the market rhythm, launch a series of kitchen electrical products that fit consumers' habits, free your hands, and let you easily have a clean and tidy kitchen space

it is understood that the original liquid crystal flat-panel cigarette machine 9015 of Cohen appliance not only completely subverts the structure of the traditional European cigarette machine and makes the appearance more beautiful, but also ensures the smoking effect while leaving more operating space and cooking at will compared with the traditional side suction cigarette machine., According to the principle of aerodynamics, it can improve the speed of air rise, avoid the rebound and escape of oil smoke, and bid farewell to the trouble of smoke and fire in the kitchen. Of course, in addition to the original LCD flat-panel smoke machine design, the frequency conversion technology of Cohen appliances has also completely rewritten the traditional kitchen lifestyle. The 9015 is equipped with the latest variable-frequency DC motor on the market. The 9015 creatively provides 26 gears for users to choose better. If the public flue is blocked, the motor will automatically pressurize, and the maximum speed can reach 2000 rpm, so as to truly eliminate kitchen lampblack and solve the problem of public flue blocking

in this regard, relevant experts said that this year, although the growth rate of the kitchen electricity industry was higher than that of other industries, the influx of a large number of brands, disorderly competition with low quality and low price, low degree of intelligence and insufficient innovation have become bottlenecks restricting the development of the industry. In this regard, the performance of Cohen appliance is completely different. Whether from product planning to preliminary research, product research and development to market promotion, Cohen appliance always adheres to the independent brand development mode. Its products cover most categories of kitchen utensils, such as range hoods, gas stoves, integrated stoves, detoxification cabinets, water purifiers, ovens, electric steamers, etc., achieving intellectualization, environmental protection, science and technology, humanization Innovative kitchen appliances brand

in addition, Cohen appliance also interacts deeply with users through the Internet, explores the needs of users, explores a path to a new economy for fans, solves industry problems through a series of innovative technologies, breaks the deadlock of insufficient innovation in the industry, and provides a strong basis for the future reform and development of the industry. Cohen Electric will strive to build a leading, innovative and sustainable professional R & D and manufacturing enterprise of kitchen products; Become a more professional R & D and manufacturing supplier, and use our technology, manufacturing and services to create brands and markets for customers and create value and interests. This is the belief and pursuit of Cohen electric, and we will work tirelessly for it





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