Damp proof must be considered in bathroom decorati

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Damp proof must be considered in bathroom decoration

when decorating the "bathroom", the needs of waterproof and damp proof should be considered from the laying of wall and floor tiles, ceiling treatment, pipe installation and equipment selection, and careful arrangements should be made

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when laying wall and floor tiles and stones, a waterproof layer should be made under the surface course, cement mortar should be used to level the ground, waterproof paint should be applied, and then a layer of 1:2 cement mortar should be paved as the bonding layer, the floor tiles and other decorative materials should be paved and pasted, and the wood board should be used to compact after watering, so as to achieve flatness, firmness and tight joints. The stone shall be back coated before paving to reduce the occurrence of "water stains". At the contact between the waterproof layer and the wall, it should be turned up, about 25 to 30 cm higher than the ground, the vanity is 1.0 to 1.2 meters higher than the ground, and the shower room is 1.8 meters higher than the ground. In case of paint decoration, waterproof putty shall be applied first and waterproof paint shall be selected. The treatment of surface water should be sloped to the floor drain, without flashing and ponding, and there is no leakage after 24-hour water storage test

it is recommended to use aluminum gusset plates with micropores in the ceiling to strengthen ventilation and prevent condensate. If plasterboard ceiling is made, waterproof putty shall be applied first, and then waterproof paint shall be applied; PVC ceiling is easy to produce condensate and drip, so it should be used with caution

pipeline installation should avoid changing the original upper and lower exposed pipes. When decoration is necessary, it should be horizontal and vertical, firmly laid, and the slope should meet the requirements. The installation of valves and taps is smooth, and the use is flexible and convenient. The exposed pipes are painted with antirust paint, and the concealed pipes are painted with anti-corrosion paint. The water supply pipeline is closely connected with accessories and appliances, and there is no leakage after water test. The floor drain design is still based on the upper and lower water pipelines, and the surface should be slightly lower than the ground

the installation position of sanitary ware is correct, and the upper edge of the appliance should be horizontal. "Bathroom" electrical appliances should choose products with brands and good waterproof performance, such as the shower heating lamp used in a humid environment for a long time. The shell should be made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, and with waterproof power switch, cable and plug. It is not afraid of water spray and splash when powered on or off, and will not cause leakage or damage. It also needs to be equipped with waterproof lampshade, waterproof socket, etc

wooden materials should be avoided in the "bathroom". When it is really necessary to use, fire-proof boards or full oil mixed decorations should be selected, which can be waterproof. When making ceiling or other package decoration, the hidden wooden dragon bones need to be painted with waterproof paint or preservative

"bathroom" it is very important to maintain a good ventilation environment. The selection of ventilation equipment with good quality will help the rapid volatilization of water and steam and keep the room fresh and clean. Do a good job in the above aspects, and you will definitely experience the bath feeling of harmony and unity between man and nature in a completely relaxed state





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