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The architectural style has derived a variety of interior design styles, and there are various illusions according to the aesthetics and hobbies of designers and owners. Villa style design can best reflect the taste of the owner. Nowadays, the villa decoration style derived from the architectural style has thousands of postures, which often dazzles the owners

personalized style

villas must meet the owner's personalized life. Although cold minimalism is popular for a time, and even once became a representative of fashion design, it is gradually being disintegrated and eroded by personalized soft symbols. The elements of complete conflict are no longer just simple and complex variations, or special expressions to publicize personality. The loose and casual style of not sticking to one pattern makes the villa truly a tool for enjoyment, and the advantages of social status and ideology must also be presented through personal unique enjoyment and quality

internal and external communication

as the most relaxed and pleasant form of living, the villa should allow the owner to enjoy the fun of blending with nature on the premise of completely protecting privacy. It can be seen that the natural scenery of the villa is innate, and how to introduce the outdoor scenery into the interior and how to make the indoor furnishings an extension of the natural scenery have also become the most concerned part of the villa interior design. The division and definition of space is no longer simply based on the practical scale of daily life. The perspective of outdoor landscape and similar framing techniques are also integrated into the determination of indoor proportion, which affects the combination of materials and colors

the eternal subversion

the destruction of all mature stereotypes is also what designers enjoy most. The previous idea of strict matching of a single style has been completely broken. For example, the combination of three plus two plus one living room sofa, which was once considered to be exquisite and perfect, has long been conservative and lack of creativity. Instead, it is likely to be a furniture combination that looks completely out of tune, but implies the unique logic of the owner's life. The boldness and depth of the designer have brought into play the life needs of the owner unprecedentedly

retro is not mechanical repetition

retro seems to be a constant theme, but retro is never mechanical repetition. In such an era, the cultural core contained in the classic theme has been deeply understood and well preserved, and the shapes, materials and colors that carry the cultural essence have created various imaginative collocations with the enthusiasm of new materials and new technologies. (internship editor fangzhiqiang)





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