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In the current decoration market, many people have often heard of whole wood customization. But what is the real whole wood customization?

in the current decoration market, many people will often hear of whole wood customization. But what is the real whole wood customization? Many people may have a very simple understanding of the concept. If you don't understand the whole wood customization industry thoroughly, you may be easily fooled by merchants in the specific purchase process, which will cost a lot of investment budget and can't get good results. What about the whole wood customization? The following is a detailed introduction of relevant aspects

Hongchao noble solid wood customization - bearing chapter

whole wood customization is also called whole wood home decoration, referred to as "whole decoration", that is, to combine wooden products required for home decoration. This is a concept, which is to provide consumers and customers with a complete set of overall style solutions for home decoration solid wood products. This is what we call the whole package

based on this, the whole wood home decoration is positioned at the middle and high end, and the consumption positioning is also at the middle and high end. It is mainly used in villas, luxury houses, manors, clubs, high-end consumption places, large-scale official building decoration, iconic high-end places, style building decoration, high-end property companies, high-end model room decoration and other places

three trends in the packaging industry: more and more professional, the scale of the industry is getting larger and larger, and some customized home furnishing brands will stand out

in recent years, whole wood customization has attracted the attention of the public. In fact, whole wood customization is not a new category in the building materials industry, but its huge production data, complex production processes, and high standards of service requirements make ordinary household enterprises dare not get involved. However, driven by market demand and other factors, many powerful home furnishing enterprises still join this rare blue ocean in the building materials industry, and customized home furnishings are "common practice". Unlike finished furniture, whole wood customization requires a complete product system and service system. At present, the mixed situation in the market has brought troubles and cognitive misunderstandings to the majority of consumers. For the healthy development of the industry and the protection of consumers' home experience, we hope that consumers will not be confused by "the so-called customization"

because of the specificity of customized products, consumers cannot visually perceive the decoration results, and the communication results directly determine the satisfaction of customers with the scheme. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the whole wood customization to let customers truly see the future home scene. Customers who choose whole wood customization have higher requirements for quality of life. There is a personalized need for the function of space, and only a full range of product systems can realize the customized scheme of customers. If the product line is limited, it will be stretched when solving the customization of personalized space

with the continuous expansion of the market, the competition has also begun to increase, coupled with the continuous maturity of the production level. The overall price of the whole wood customization industry also gradually tends to be reasonable, which enables many ordinary consumers to fully enjoy the high-quality life brought by the whole wood customization. For example, Hongchao aristocratic whole wood customization currently has a stable supply and a high degree of production intelligence. Therefore, the specific production cost has been greatly reduced, which makes Hongchao noble wood customization available to most ordinary consumers. This is also the reason why Hongchao noble products can develop rapidly in the market




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