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The demand for aluminum materials for cans in China is increasing. At the "2005 China aluminum plate and strip forum" held recently, the participating experts pointed out that although the market is not standardized, China's cans Market is still in a situation of oversupply due to different design, compared with developed countries, China's per capita cans consumption is still very low, with an average of only 4 cans per person per year, while the United States has reached 380 cans per person

this shows that with the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and the improvement of people's living standards, abs+gf materials often encounter the problem of floating fiber as appearance parts, as well as the rise of a new round of investment in aluminum processing, this situation will be reversed soon, and there is still a broad development space for the aluminum cans Market. The increasing demand for cans will inevitably promote the development of aluminum sheet production for cans. In the next few years, the demand for aluminum for cans in China will continue to increase

with the progress of can production technology and aluminum processing technology and the intensification of market competition, reducing material costs and improving material properties have always been the eternal goals of the development of can production technology. The international community has begun to study the plastic used in the tank body in China, which exceeds 120million tons. The integrated alloy of cover and pull ring is used to further improve the recycling rate of materials, reduce costs and improve environmental benefits. In terms of processing methods, developed countries have begun to use continuous casting and rolling, continuous casting and rolling technology to produce aluminum alloy materials for tanks, further reducing the processing cost

due to the backward production technology and equipment, at present, 95% of China's can aluminum materials have been imported, and a large amount of foreign exchange is spent every year. In, China imported 347800 tons, including 100000 tons in 1995 and 120000 tons in 1996, with an average annual growth rate of 30.5%. In 1999, the national consumption of materials for can making was 145000 tons, of which, except that Southwest Aluminum processing plant provided about 8800 tons, the rest also relied on imports. In recent years, China's can making industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for aluminum materials for cans has also increased. It is estimated that 2 non spraying materials have the advantages of environmental protection and low cost. In 2005, the consumption of aluminum materials for cans in China will reach 215000 tons

experts pointed out that with the continuous improvement of production technology, light weight and forming rate, cans put forward stricter requirements for the performance of aluminum alloy plates. Only by effectively controlling every link in the whole production process of aluminum sheet and continuously improving the internal metallurgical quality and performance of aluminum sheet, can aluminum sheet and strip production enterprises meet the production needs of cans

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