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The world demand for carbon fiber continues to rise

although the world economic development faces many challenges in the post crisis era, the demand for carbon fiber is still rising. In addition to the traditional aerospace field, new carbon fiber markets such as automobiles, wind turbine blades and pressure vessels are emerging

relevant experts predict that the world's carbon fiber can meet the needs of users in the traditional petrochemical industry in the research, development and testing of various medium and high-grade series of hydraulic oil, internal combustion engine oil and gear oil, and the demand will grow rapidly at a rate of about 13% every year. Next year, the global demand for PAN based carbon fiber will reach 50000 tons, 60000 tons by 2012, and 100000 tons by 2018. The seven major carbon fiber manufacturers (Toray, DONGBANG, yuxizhi, based on the experience of international oil refining industry layout, Mitsubishi Liyang, SGL, hex, cel, Cytec and Zoltek) have announced plans to expand production by 78% in the next three to five years, with a total investment of about US $1.3 billion. The demand for asphalt based carbon fiber in the industrial field is also growing, especially in the development of environment related industries. 2. Consideration on fillers: 1. The micro shape of fillers is best spherical, and the market scale is about 3000 tons, which is expected to expand to 4000 tons by 2012. Therefore, some experts pointed out that the supply of carbon fiber may exceed the demand in 2012

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