The demand for American packaging products will re

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By 2008, the demand for us packaging products will reach US $8.4 billion

the demand for us paper packaging products will reach about US $8.4 billion in 2008 (excluding cartons) under the influence of the increase in population and consumer spending and the growth of the manufacturing industry

although there are some reasons from the competition of plastic packaging, niche and customs, in some aspects, the consumption of paper still has a considerable increase, especially the amount of cardboard sleeves used for multi person packaging in supermarkets, clubs and other retail industries

as sleeves, protective packaging, barrels and cups, bubble cards, etc. are increasingly favored by people, cardboard packaging will surpass flexible packaging. In terms of cartons, paper cans, paper tubes and paper holders, due to the continuous invasion of soft and hard plastic packaging, the growth is slower

in the field of flexible packaging, paper packaging materials and paper bags will be in great demand due to the extensive application of the concept of health and convenience in the food industry and fast food industry

the Freedonia group, Inc. (head office: Ohio), an American professional market research company specializing in multi field analysis, has published a comprehensive report "paper packaging" after investigating and analyzing the American paper packaging market. The contents of the report include: Market Overview, past data analysis up to 2003, market demand forecast of various products in 2008 and 2013, market environment, main enterprise information, etc. The book contains 68 charts and summaries as follows:

American paper packaging products market: market forecast for 2008 and 2013

1 Abstract

2 Market environment

· overall

· overall economic outlook

· demographic and household trends

· consumer spending trends

· production trends

· packaging market overview

· raw materials

· price trends

· environmental and regulatory related topics

· international activities

· overseas trade

3 Requirements for various packaging supplies

· hard packaging

o cardboard

o protective packaging

o cans/tubular packaging materials

o envelopes

o small containers and cups

o blister cards

o plates

o other

· soft packaging

o paper bags

o paper bags

o bagged

4 Market demand

· food market

o outlook of food industry

o paper packaging demand of food industry

· manufacturing

o durable consumer goods

± 90 ° The zero position is at the horizontal position

o agriculture and horticulture

o chemical products

o medical drugs

o other

· beverages

o outlook for beverage industry

o paper packaging demand for beverages

· diet

o outlook for catering industry

o paper packaging demand for catering industry

· other

5 Industrial structure

· overall

· market share

· acquisition and merger

· competitive strategy

· production

· marketing and circulation

· product R & D

· cooperation agreement

· enterprise information

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4500 USD (PDF version by e-mail (single user) paper version)

6100 USD (PDF version by e-mail (multi-user) )

information source: China paper

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