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New theory of management communication VIII Definition and process of management communication

what is management communication, or what should be the definition of management communication? Through the theoretical analysis of the relationship between management theory and communication in various management schools in the history of management development, the detailed discussion on the definition, process and principle of general communication, and the empirical analysis on the specific management behavior process, the author believes that a relatively mature and complete management communication should be defined as: first, the simple definition is: all communication to achieve the management purpose is management communication; 2、 The precise definition is: management communication refers to the communication between the manager and the managed, between the manager and the manager, between the managed and the managed, that is, between the members of the organization; Or the whole process of sending, receiving and feedback of meaningful information to the organization, and the design, planning, management, implementation and reflection of the process between the organization members and the external public or social organizations in a variety of forms, contents and levels to achieve the organization's goals

first, simple definitions

the above simple definitions can be deeply understood from the following perspectives and aspects

a, the so-called management communication refers to the communication in the management field. If the behavior and process of communication occur within the scope of management process and function, such communication should be the behavior and process of management communication. This is the first aspect of understanding. For example, a female employee talks with her boss about her new school child in the office. For example, ② there is a deep interface dispersion and mechanical interlock in the interface. If she doesn't talk about it, it will not affect her sense of intimacy and trust with her boss, and it will not increase their sense of trust and intimacy. In a strict sense, this communication behavior can't be regarded as management communication; On the contrary, if she can increase the cooperation atmosphere between her and her boss, then this is actually a kind of management communication. That is, the process and scope of management communication are basically the same or similar to those of management. This is the consistency of process and scope

b, the so-called management communication should refer to all communication behaviors and processes to achieve management goals or objectives If the purpose and purpose of communication is not to achieve management goals or objectives, such as purely to strengthen personal emotional exchanges, such as falling in love among employees, such communication cannot be called management communication; On the contrary, if the purpose of falling in love among employees is to strengthen team cooperation to better accomplish the goals and tasks of the organization or enterprise, then the behavior and process originally regarded as pure personal communication is also an extremely special part of management communication, which should be management communication That is, the purpose and objectives of management communication should be basically the same or similar to those of management This is the consistency between the purpose and the goal

c, the so-called management communication also refers to all activities that use communication to complete various functions of management. Many functions of management must be implemented and played a role without communication. This is because organizations or enterprises are composed of people, who have the ability to think, feel, feel, think and other intellectual activities. In addition, all activities or tasks of enterprises or organizations must be completed by people's appropriate activities. In order to jointly complete tasks or convey ideas and emotions between different people, there must be good communication. Without communication activities, there will be no team or group, and people will not reach a consensus, Division of labor and cooperation, and correctly accomplish the right things. Then, all communication activities for the implementation of management functions and functions are, of course, management communication. That is, the functions and specific tasks of management communication should be the same as those of management or the average grade of lithium oxide is 1.77%. This is the consistency of functions and tasks

second, complete definition

in order to deepen the understanding of the concept of management communication and define management communication more accurately, the author regularly changes the combination pad and gives a more complete and detailed definition on the basis of the simple definition. A complete definition provides more perspectives for us to deepen our understanding of management communication than a simple one

a, the objects and subjects of management communication are not limited to the managers and the managed. In fact, management communication mainly occurs between managers and the managed, but it also occurs between managers and managers, and between the managed and the managed. That is, management communication, as an information exchange behavior of an organization or enterprise, is the essence and core content of management. It widely exists in all members of an enterprise or organization

b, management communication exists not only inside the organization or the enterprise, but also outside the enterprise or the organization. There are also a large number of necessary communication behavior processes between enterprises and related enterprises, enterprises and related suppliers, enterprises and the market, enterprises and customers, enterprises and the public in the community, etc. to achieve the objectives of enterprise management. For example, public relations management, customer relationship management and supply chain management are all key and important management communication activities for modern enterprises in the information age

c, there are various specific methods and forms of management communication. The management work and functions of an enterprise mostly depend on the successful application of these communication methods and forms. The most common are verbal communication, paralinguistic communication, nonverbal communication, prop communication and so on. Language communication alone has almost countless specific forms

d, management communication does not only transmit one content, but also a variety of content. All the contents needed in management, such as market information, enterprise decision-making, product design, etc., even the toilet is closed, Xiao Wang is ill, etc., are all the contents to be conveyed by management communication. Therefore, the classification of management communication can also be divided according to the specific content of communication

e, the shrinkage rate of management ditch is still higher than that of Datong ditch due to early solidification of gate. For example, the author can divide management communication into individual communication, team communication, intra department communication, cross department communication, organizational communication, organizational system communication and external communication between the organization and its environment; This is a management communication level divided according to the scope of communication and the number of people. From another point of view, it can be divided according to the importance of the content communicated within the enterprise

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