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The decline of pure benzene to break through the four crude benzenes increased. April 8, 2019 affected by the explosion accident in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the East China government asked the port of pure benzene to reduce inventory, and the price of pure benzene fell. Especially last Friday, the price of pure benzene fell sharply, and the price of pure benzene faced the risk of breaking through the four crude benzenes. Although the outer plate of pure benzene rebounded this week, the delivery of pure benzene was poor, and the hydrogenation benzene enterprises faced losses again, The pressure on crude benzene is rising. This week, the crude benzene market fell sharply, the market lacked positive support, and environmental protection pressure increased. Some benzene hydrogenation units shut down in the early stage failed to restart as scheduled, and the crude benzene decline intensified

recently, chemical plant explosion accidents have occurred frequently, and the market environmental protection and safety supervision inspection has been intensified. The East China government requires the port to reduce inventory, and has made great efforts to crack down on the pure benzene market. Although the external price of pure benzene rebounded slightly this week, the shipment price of pure benzene still fell. The price of pure benzene in some markets has broken through four, and the loss of hydrogenated benzene enterprises has intensified. At present, the theoretical popularity of the enterprise will further expand, and the loss will be about 1 yuan/ton. Although the price of pure benzene has fallen greatly, the shipment of hydrogenated benzene is still poor. The electromechanical phase sequence of terminal (2) is not allowed to jump. The demand is poor, and the port inventory is high, The on-site spot liquidity is poor, and the hydrogenation benzene enterprises have low intention to replenish crude benzene

data source: the successive explosion accidents in jinlianchuang

have made the original strict chemical safety screening more stringent. It is reported that at present, there are 7 regions and nearly thousands of chemical enterprises have been implemented the policy of stopping production and limiting production. Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other provinces and cities have carried out safety screening. Coke enterprises are cautious in starting work, and many steel mills have proposed to reduce the coke purchase price by reducing the value-added tax. The profit of coke enterprises has been seriously compressed, and the start-up has not been significantly improved. At the same time, due to the increasing pressure of environmental protection, the start-up of downstream benzene hydrogenation enterprises is also limited, the enthusiasm for replenishing crude ingredients: 40% lycanthrene is reduced, and some units that were shut down in the early stage failed to restart as scheduled, and the on-site delivery and investment is weak

in general, the current market is full of bad news. It is expected that the port inventory will not decline significantly in the short term. The poor delivery of goods by benzene hydrogenation enterprises is expected to continue. At present, the price of crude benzene has declined, but the price of pure benzene has broken through four. The losses of benzene hydrogenation enterprises have intensified, and the raw material inventory has been high, so the enthusiasm for purchasing crude benzene is limited. At the same time, with the continuous decline of spot pure benzene prices, the market has downward expectations for Sinopec, and the trend of end products such as styrene is poor, and the market lacks positive support. In the short term, the crude benzene market is expected to continue to be weak, and the risk of breaking the third grade is still present

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