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China's natural rubber demand and price will face a downward trend next year

in view of the slowdown in the growth of China's automobile sales, China's natural rubber demand and price will decline next year. Another main reason for the decline in natural rubber demand is the use of synthetic rubber

the president of okadi Corporation in China said that as the economic situation in both developing and developed countries tends to be weak, more and more people are worried about the global economic situation next year. Okadi Co., Ltd. is the largest rubber contract broker in the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange

the OECD predicts that China's GDP will grow by 8.5% next year, the lowest growth rate in 11 years. According to the prediction of China Automobile Industry Association, the growth rate of China's automobile sales next year may reach the lowest growth rate in 13 years. In this context

insiders 1. Equipment name: impact test low temperature Chushi said that the main problems faced by Chinese tire manufacturers are the decline in sales, overcapacity and low prices, which make them withstand the upper collet. This problem can be solved only when the overall economic environment of China and the situation of the automobile market are improved

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