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Discussion: the world-class industrial revolution triggered by robots recently, the topic of robots has once again become a hot topic in the industry. Last Friday, a humanoid robot called atlas appeared, which was developed by Boston Dynamics for the U.S. military and is currently the most advanced in the world. In fact, China is the second largest robot market in the world, ahead of the United States. And it will become the largest market next year

robots in China are widely distributed in the manufacturing industry, which is as good and cheap as those made in China. Recently, the metal workshop of Zhejiang Guangbo group has built a robot, called full-automatic folder manufacturing machine. The reason for this robot is not only that the production capacity is the sum of 30 skilled workers, but also that the price of the robot is only one fifth of that of foreign robots of the same type. Many people think that our labor force is cheap. Why should we use robots? In fact, saving manpower by robots is a secondary problem. The most critical thing is the high productivity of robots

robots actually represent the highest level of human tools. The popularity of robots in the future can be said to be another industrial revolution. At present, 70% of the global robot sales are concentrated in five countries, including Japan, China, the United States, South Korea and Germany, which are generally strong in the world economic recession

at present, China's manufacturing industry has accounted for 20% of the world. However, the number of robots is only one fifth of that of Japan and one third of that of the United States and Germany. There is a lot of room for development in the future. Some people also think that robots are high-tech products, and the other four countries are developed countries. In fact, in addition to the scientific and technological level such as software, there is a more important factor in creating robots, that is, the experience accumulated in the industry

atlas is not the best robot in the world now, while the unmanned aircraft x-47b of the United States can land on the aircraft carrier last week. The United States can build this kind of aircraft because of its deep aviation foundation. At present, the number of private aircraft in the United States has reached 220000, and there are 630000 pilots with 28 (5) 0 400 570 14180 d=4a qualification

and these pyramid tips with a lot of flight experience build intelligent unmanned driving. China is the largest manufacturing country in the world with a large number of deformations. It has accumulated a lot of experience in various industries. At the same time, China also has a lot of software talents. Therefore, the robot manufacturing industry in China will have a bright future. At that time, we should add the word "intelligence" in front of the world factory

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