One click of the hottest keyboard can make the pot

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When you hit the keyboard, you can make the pot cook. 2

when you are about to leave work, you can hit the foam granulation unit in the office. It is the computer keyboard that smashes and plasticizes the foam, strips and dices it, and you can make the electric cooker at home cook in advance; After swiping the employee card to enter the office building, the servo hydraulic press in the office will be introduced in detail. The air conditioner and light in the room will turn on automatically. When leaving, the air conditioner and light in the office will turn off automatically... This mythical and convenient lifestyle is expected to be realized in Chongqing within this year

yesterday, the Chongqing national informatization and industrialization integration pilot zone construction promotion conference was held in Junhao hotel. At the meeting, Chongqing Mobile signed strategic agreements on the integration of "two modernizations" with Tsinghua Tongfang and bonded port respectively

Shen Changfu, general manager of Chongqing Mobile, said that the cooperation with Tsinghua Tongfang is actually a joint effort to build Chongqing's IOT. "The cooperation between the two sides can achieve initial results in a year."

initially used by governments and enterprises

SHEN Changfu said, "IOT has several key parts, one is sensors, the other is networks, and the third is the integration of information processing, collation and application. Tsinghua Tongfang has obvious advantages in sensor and chip development, while mobile has advantages in networks and customers. The two sides work together to build IOT, which is a strong alliance."

"from the perspective of looking for opportunities in the danger of upgrading technology enterprises, all the technical conditions for the development of IOT have been met. The key to promoting the development of IOT lies in the breakthrough of business model." Shen Changfu said that after working with Tsinghua Tongfang, the construction of IOT should have initial results in. IOT will serve the government and enterprises in the initial stage, and then enter thousands of households. At that time, citizens will enjoy a more convenient lifestyle. "For example, if a thief enters your home, the information collected by the sensor can be immediately transmitted to your through the Internet, and you can call the police in time to stop theft."

bonded port will benefit from informatization

at yesterday's promotion meeting, China Mobile also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing bonded port on the integration of "industrialization and industrialization". Shen Changfu said that Chongqing bonded port is the first bonded port in the inland, and China Mobile will provide comprehensive support for the informatization construction of bonded ports

it is revealed that after joining hands with the bonded port, Chongqing Mobile will provide the bonded zone with complete information-based products or information-based product research and development, integration, consulting and other services, assist the efficient development of information construction in Chongqing bonded zone, and build Chongqing bonded port into a national first-class information-based bonded port, Help Chongqing bonded port area and its surrounding areas become an important part of China's western new material industry as an emerging industry, and will also be included in the "1035" national strategic emerging industry development plan department's opening-up highland. Chongqing Morning Post

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