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Caterpillar global tour: a day for Texas farmers

caterpillar global tour: a day for Texas farmers

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Texas (state of Texas) is the largest state in the United States, with large areas of moist forests and swamps. In these landforms, there are extremely rich natural resources, pregnant with local agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. In the early days, Texas was dominated by agriculture, and 80% of the state's land was farms, which was known as the "agricultural state" of the United States

the straw bales that can be seen everywhere, although inconspicuous, are an indispensable part of local farms.

the large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry development in Texas has driven the huge demand for construction machinery in major farms. While the rating and upgrading of cat Jinan experimental machine factory's material experimental machine are easy to be confused, erpillar (caterpillar) has participated in the daily work and construction of many local farms

next, let's use the work log of Mars, an ordinary farmer in Texas, to understand how cat machinery helps him complete many extraordinary tasks in an ordinary day

mars Underwood, 32, from Dallas, Texas, has taken over his father's farm since 2001. His farm covers an area of more than 120 mu and has nearly 200 livestock. In 2012, he began to use cat machinery for daily work on the farm


you still need to get up early today. I made a brief inspection of the livestock and found that there was little feed left yesterday. Today's work starts from replenishing food and grass

in farm work in Texas, almost all operations are inseparable from "moving" and "drilling". With the help of cat machinery and high-performance work tools, farmers' different work needs can be met, thus realizing more efficient farm operation


it seems that the fertilizer in the pasture area has been almost consumed by the soil after more than a month. It's time to move out the fertilizer you bought last week. I hope this fertilizer can make the grass grow more dense and solid

cat 259b multi terrain crawler loader has become a small expert in handling materials by Mars

due to the rugged terrain, many handling operations need machinery that can better adapt to high and low slopes, wet and soft ground, which is the time for cat multi terrain crawler loader to develop its skills. The unique chassis system of multi terrain crawler loader has low pressure on the ground and can work on sensitive surfaces and soft ground conditions. With the excellent performance of cat machinery and the combination of cat high-performance pallet forks, the farm trunk is certainly not tired to work

in addition, the special vertical lifting design of cat multi terrain crawler loader provides longer extension distance and lifting height, which can realize the rapid loading of materials and help farmers easily complete the operations of moving and stacking


eh? Is the bale finished so soon? It seems that these cows have a lot of appetite recently, so we'd better hurry to add a new bale

cat 242b skid steer loader carries grain bales for Livestock Consumption

bales are the most common on farms in Texas. They are generally used to raise livestock, and can also be used as fences to control the moving range of livestock. Machines equipped with cat efficient shovels and forks can carry bales accurately and easily, helping farmers with half the effort


transform the force on deformation into electrical parameters. Some of the small tree trunks cut yesterday are still missing. If the rest is well arranged, we can start to build a new fence to maintain its good contact performance


drill more wooden pile holes to ensure that the fence can have enough support, so that you will never be afraid of the storm

cat 259b multi terrain crawler loader is working

cat 259b multi terrain crawler loader is working. It is equipped with cat auger, which can drill holes with sufficient depth and compaction. It can easily cope with both fence construction and tree transplantation


the day's work is over. After looking at the oil gauge, well, cat machinery really didn't disappoint me

in farm work that requires large-scale movement, the power of machinery is an important indicator of whether the farmer can successfully complete the work. Cat multi terrain crawler loader is equipped with c3.3b (turbocharged) engine. Its high-performance powertrain provides high engine power and torque, and can reduce the noise level by using partial throttle control. At the same time, turbocharged engines have less fuel consumption than naturally aspirated engines, which can reduce the operating costs of farmers

cat c3.3b (turbocharged) engine

after watching this period of caterpillar global tour, do you also want to work on a farm in Texas

in the future, caterpillar will take you to more places where we work, so that you can appreciate the local customs and understand our contributions everywhere

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