One batch of disposable bamboo fiber water cups wi

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Heart printing 1 batch of disposable bamboo fiber water cup is scalded, and the spacing of zigzag support rollers is 30 ~ 600mm; Hidden dangers

release date: 202 the research results of Nankai University make "photodynamic" flight possible source: Beijing News

on August 21, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau released the results of the 2020 Shanghai disposable paper tableware product quality supervision and random inspection. The results showed that among 65 batches of disposable paper tableware, 3 batches of products were unqualified due to sensory indicators and cup body stiffness, involving brands such as full fit and heart print

the spot check results showed that two batches of products were unqualified due to the stiffness of the cup body, including the nominal "full fit" disposable paper cup 400ml (16 packs, article number: qscw007) produced by Cangnan Longgang Jinfeng packaging factory, and the nominal "heart printing" brand heart printing disposable bamboo fiber water cup (270ml) produced by Quanzhou Dayu paper and plastic products Co., Ltd × 100 pieces, receipt No.: bbd100)

according to the Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, paper cups with poor body stiffness are soft to pinch, and their load-bearing performance often fails to meet the standard. After pouring water or drinks, they will be seriously deformed when they are brought up, and some even cannot be brought up. If they are not careful, they will spill water on their bodies. If it is boiled water, it is easy to scald

in addition, 50 BaiCaoYuan top-grade paper cups (245ml, production date) produced by Shaanxi Ruierkang paper container Co., Ltd. are nominal, which are unqualified due to sensory indicators. According to the Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, during the use of paper cups, the range within 15mm from the cup mouth to the cup body will frequently contact with human lips. If there is printing within this range, the printing oil can be operated flexibly and the harmful substances such as benzene and toluene that may be contained in the ink can be switched casually, which will have adverse effects on human health

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