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The value orientation of packaging (Part 1)

packaging has become a very fashionable word since when, and it is not only heard a lot, but also the economic benefits from this packaging are astonishing. For example, the sky high price moon cakes administered by the state last year were originally intended to buy moon cakes, but as a result, the child became a mother, and the packaging value far exceeded the commodity itself. Is this phenomenon normal and reasonable? From the perspective of economics, business behavior should be an action based on the law of the market. As long as the market can accept any form, it is OK. However, the market here refers to a relatively perfect and mature market. Sometimes, the intangible value of the brand has far exceeded the value of the commodity material itself, but the market is acceptable, and consumers are not dissatisfied, In Chinese parlance, it means that people are willing to fight and suffer. They are willing to fight and feel that this is allowed

what we said earlier is that the clamping is more firm under perfect and mature market conditions; With special mold release paste, but even under such conditions, the rationality of such things should also be seen from the perspective of social regulation and distribution. The large grade of goods is matched with the large gap in social income distribution. Rich people spend more money to buy famous brand treasures and pay more consumption tax, which is conducive to the secondary distribution of society. Therefore, if the value orientation of packaging is positioned at the high-income class, I think it is acceptable and even beneficial to the society. However, if such a value orientation is misused regardless of the object, it is an inappropriate market business behavior

especially in China, it's totally inappropriate to do this in some special industries. There's no need to say more about high-end cigarettes and wine, shirts that took a long time to get wearable, and so on. Many articles related to the daily life of ordinary people are completely unnecessary to reflect such a high packaging value. To say small, it's to make people pay more money, and to say big, which is not in line with the requirements of a conservation oriented society However, in the final analysis, since it is a relatively fully competitive market, there is a lot of room for selection of different grades of goods, and this situation is also acceptable. But some are unacceptable

for example, drugs. Recently, my family was ill and needed treatment. My personal experience made me feel deeply about this. When I went to get traditional Chinese medicine and watched the pharmacist put all the herbs on a piece of ordinary wrapping paper, my memory suddenly went back for decades. I remember that the packaging of snacks, including moon cakes, was also wrapped in paper. Some things were not packaged at all, and sometimes the so-called packaging may be a paper twisted rope. Looking at the pharmacist's skillfully wrapped hand, I thought, why are there fewer and fewer small paper medicine bags of Western medicine? When he went to get western medicine, he opened his eyes. The doctor said that he would use the medicine for a month. As a result, the medicine in a packing box was only enough for a few days. There was a plate of medicine in a carton, ten pills, two pills a day, and a box could only cope with five days. Since there is a time limit for treating diseases, why can't drugs be taken out of a large package as before, and then simply packaged as traditional Chinese medicine or as before? Long term medical treatment and medication is a special consumption. There is no distinction between poverty and lowliness. In front of diseases, drugs are needed. If you have to open the grade of drugs, why not make simple packaging for the sake of most people

here we need to talk about the packaging of drugs. Among the methods to increase the price of drugs, changing the packaging is the most commonly used means to increase the price. I remember that the earliest board packs include lifting test, water leakage test and other drugs. Generally, one box can cope with one treatment course. But this time, I found that there is only one plate in one box, which does not match the treatment course of the disease at all, so there is only one explanation for doing so, That is to let patients pay more, but hospitals and drug manufacturers have never thought about it. Most of the people who are sick are still poor, so it is completely inappropriate to earn patients' money through the packaging of drugs. When I went to the payment office to pay for the medicine, the young doctor gave me the beautifully packaged medicine box by box, and his heart felt a little indifferent eroding himself. Suddenly, the old Chinese medicine master's hands wrapped in paper appeared in my mind. What a heartwarming action

I remember that in the Jewish Book "Talmud", there is a saying that "in ancient times, except for understanding, compassion and personal love, doctors could not give patients much." So in modern times, in addition to giving patients medicine, doctors also give patients expensive packaging? I have realized the reason why I feel different when I look at my two hands. The pharmacist packaging traditional Chinese medicine is packaging medicine for the patient. When packaging, he must be thinking about whether the patient's disease can be eliminated, and the slender hands protruding from the window of the western medicine pharmacy seem to be asking for something

the packaging of drugs should also be treated once. From production to hospitals, think about everything for patients, not that there is no need for packaging, but that what is needed is packaging for patients, not for financial interests. I've tried it myself. Even if the box of medicine I took doesn't change, it can hold two plates of medicine. Can we change the convenient choice of similar packaging: value orientation

from the perspective of food and packaging value chain, the development of PET packaging in the next ten years

generally, we are used to analyzing the problems faced by independent enterprises or a certain industry, and seldom study broader and deeper influencing factors and their connections from the perspective of system. In fact, the problems faced by many enterprises or the problems of the industry need to be viewed and understood from a broader perspective to strip the cocoon and hit the core. For example, the concept of value chain and stakeholders are ideal tools with intuitive advantages. To grasp the overall changes from these concepts is very important for senior managers who are responsible for enterprise strategy and overall market strategy

this paper intends to discuss and analyze the opportunities and changing trends faced by China's food market from the perspective of the value chain of generalized suppliers of PET container packaging system to food producers, that is, consumer brand owners. It may encourage relevant industry leaders to think about how to maintain the steady and profitable development of pet food packaging market. The ten-year lock-in is due to the major expansion opportunities that China's food industry will usher in and global events such as the Olympic Games

packaging industry itself is an auxiliary industry, which must serve and subordinate to the development of main industries, such as food processing industry. If packaging enterprises want to grow healthily, they must deeply understand the development law of core industries. Packaging is the most direct tool of food marketing. The macro development trend of the food market and the micro profitability of enterprises will directly affect the choice and consideration of packaging or the trend of investment. Fierce market competition has resulted in thin profits in the food industry, which poses a great challenge to the new investment and upgrading of the packaging industry. The close relationship between food industry and packaging industry is more than any other industry. Objectively, the two must pursue win-win and synchronization to form the closest value chain

pet container packaging has become the fastest-growing food packaging form in the world because of its high value positioning in the market and excellent technical characteristics. Although it has only been in China for decades, it has become the pride of the packaging industry with the fastest share increase. Of course, PET container packaging has to face not only the pressure of plastic technology evolution, but also the market test and fierce competition of other packaging forms. If it can create value for the whole system in the value chain, such as the reasonable distribution of its added value among consumers, retail industry and industry, its development will be smooth sailing. PET container packaging industry must keenly grasp the subtle but essential changes of the main food industry. The market has never lacked challenges

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