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The trend of paint Market (Part 1)

1. Paint has become the thrust and delamination phenomenon in the cutting process. It is also related to the continuous improvement of the performance of the new generation of desolite supercoatings, which is used in extreme environments. The performance of optical fibers and networks is interrelated with the mainstream of building decoration

the development of foreign architectural coatings has gone through a long historical journey. Especially in developed countries, architectural coatings are used most for interior and exterior wall decoration. At present, the total output of coatings in the world is about 28million tons, of which architectural coatings account for 40% - 50%, about 11-14 million tons. In industrial developed countries, architectural coatings are the largest category of coatings in consumption, accounting for about 50% of the total output of coatings. The annual output of architectural coatings in the United States has remained at about 2.7 million tons for nearly a decade, accounting for 52% of the total output of coatings, of which water emulsion coatings account for 75%; Solvent based coatings account for 25%. The proportion of architectural coatings in other developed countries in the total amount of coatings is: Italy 57%, Germany 55%, France 55%, Japan 40%. In the United States, 45% of the external walls of buildings are decorated with paint. Japan is also a major paint producer in the world, with the output ranking third in the world. The annual output of architectural coatings is about 1million tons, accounting for about 40% of the total output of coatings. The automatic standard force of electronic tensile testing machine in the United States and other industrial developed countries, the per capita consumption of architectural coatings is more than 10kg, while China is less than 1kg, which is a big gap, but compared with the per capita industrial output value, it is reasonable

now take the United States as an example for a brief introduction:

the United States has a developed economy and many building decoration materials, but the interior walls rarely use expensive decoration materials, mostly architectural coatings. In terms of exterior wall decoration, architectural coatings account for more than 80%. For example, the exterior walls of buildings in Los Angeles are almost completely decorated with architectural coatings, and only a few high-rise buildings are decorated with aluminum-plastic plates. It is difficult to find face brick decorative materials. In New York, we can also see face brick decorative materials, but they are still mainly architectural coatings, especially for new buildings. The colorful exterior wall paint makes the city very beautiful

interior wall decoration is mainly paint and wall wallpaper (cloth). It is rare to see walls decorated with high-grade wood in a large area, while wallpaper (cloth) is only used on other interior walls outside some bedrooms. No matter how high the decoration grade is, almost all of them use paint. It's just that some handicrafts or paintings are used for decoration, and there is no feeling of low grade at all

it is also common to use cement base coating. Many well-known buildings use this kind of coating on the ground, but some carpets are paved in some parts. The floor coating is widely used on the ground of industrial plants, which has the effect of wear resistance, skid resistance and decoration

some public places, tourist places and other walkways adopt colored cement floor coatings, such as Disneyland, which are mostly used on the ground

2. Enterprise group and specialization

in the United States, most enterprises form group companies, even originally large enterprises, but they also join large groups for cooperation and development

RPM group is a group company mainly engaged in the production of coatings. The company is formed by many enterprises. Although some subordinate enterprises have low level and single products, the group is large in scale and high in technology. When participating in the competition, the whole group appears, which greatly improves the competitiveness of products. There is a clear division of labor within the group, so the subordinate companies are more professional. Zinger company is a member of the group. Founded in 1849, it is an old paint production company. It should be said that it has strong paint development and production capacity. However, the company mainly produces more than 70 varieties of primers, while only a few varieties of topcoats. Because of its excellent primer quality, many major coating companies in the United States use Zinsser primer to match it. The company's primers are divided into two categories, namely, water-based and oil-based, and each category is divided into two categories: suitable for general base and suitable for porous base. It is further divided into different varieties according to different grass-roots levels. Each primer has its own scope of use, such as new concrete, old concrete, new wood, old wood, treated walls, untreated walls, etc

3. Pay attention to scientific research and product quality

there are not many government scientific research institutions in the United States, and there are few testing centers in the industry. Developing new products and ensuring good quality are the needs of enterprises, and every enterprise attaches great importance to them

Rust-olce μ M is a member of RPM group, and its scientific research instruments and equipment are very advanced. The company is small, with a total of 185 people, including 30 scientific researchers, who are mainly engaged in developing new products and improving product quality according to the tasks assigned by the company. The company pays great attention to good quality. Control the whole process of raw material selection, formula design, process flow, packaging, etc. Raw materials and finished products are classified with bar codes, production is fully automated, and assembly line operation is adopted. There are only a dozen operators in the whole cart room. In order to timely understand the quality control of each link, there are channels leading to the quality control center from raw material storage tanks, reaction kettles, dispersion tanks to paint mixing tanks, etc. China is willing to work with Malaysia. The center samples and analyzes at any time to ensure product quality. (to be continued)

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