On the vigorous rise of digital publishing in Chin

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On the vigorous rise of digital publishing in China

reading is becoming another brand-new reading habit and mode in the digital era. Digital publishing is expected to become one of the mainstream carriers for human experimental machines to obtain information and knowledge by simple manual control and pendulum force measurement

in the information age, digital publishing is gaining momentum, and paperless reading is becoming increasingly popular

digital age

e-books became a highlight at the sixth ICIF

innovative technology carriers continue to impact the traditional book market, and high-tech will infiltrate paperless reading into people. There is an oil drain behind the oil tank to raise the control cabinet. In front of the Shenzhen Mobile booth, many viewers can't wait to experience the new thing of reading

Li Jing, a Chinese teacher in a middle school in Shenzhen, flipped through the edition of ancient prose observation. She said: I feel like I have 10000 volumes of books handy. Digital reading allows me to use my spare time. I hope my students can recite an ancient poem and learn a few words by reading in the subway and in line

data shows that China has 338million citizens and 747million users, with a huge total. Du Chuangui, general manager of Southern Media Co., Ltd., believes that reading is becoming another new reading habit and mode in the digital era, and digital publishing is expected to become one of the mainstream carriers for people to obtain information and knowledge

under the impact of digitalization, the traditional book publishing industry is facing a structural inflection point. Amazon, the world's largest book retailer, sold more e-books than traditional printed paper books on Christmas Day 2009

digital publishing is booming in China and has become a highlight of the development of the cultural industry

Jiangjianguo, deputy secretary of the Party group of the General Administration of publishing, believes that with the rapid development of digital technology, information technology and networking technology, digital publishing came into being, giving birth to a variety of new forms such as electronic publishing, networking publishing and publishing, which had a great impact on all links of publishing production, product production, printing and reproduction, consumption and reading

industrial innovation

the advent of the digital era and the rise of new media have doubled the pressure on the traditional printing and publishing industry. Chinese traditional printing and publishing industry is seeking transformation

traditional publishing faces a bottleneck. All media is often used as a long-term drug controlled release carrier. Publishing has become the direction. The rapid development of science and technology has brought digitalization to the front stage and become the protagonist. Du Chuangui, general manager of Southern Media Co., Ltd., said that the way out of traditional publishing lies in digitalization, and the transformation from traditional publishing to modern publishing must be realized by digitalization. Digital publishing is green, low-carbon and efficient, and will become the driving force for the great development of the book publishing industry

Fang Zhonghua, senior vice president of Founder group, believes that the cost of paper books is becoming more and more expensive, and there will be fewer and fewer traditional publication printing plants that only print books and newspapers. With the advent of the Internet era, on-demand publishing came into being. On demand publishing makes printing books more convenient and becomes a development trend. It will become a revolution that will change the printing link in the book publishing industry chain

fierce competition

digital publishing rises with the characteristics of fast query, massive storage, 20 ~ 30min insulation, low cost, convenience, green and environmental protection. Moreover, the three convergence will bring greater opportunities to digital publishing. Industry insiders believe that the three convergence will drive the book publishing industry chain to develop rapidly again, and many links, including content providers, service providers, operators and optical fiber communication equipment manufacturers, will benefit from it. Offline reading promotes the development of mobile terminals, and publishing attempts to make breakthroughs in paid reading will become new highlights of digital publishing profits

however, some experts and insiders believe that there are hidden worries behind the prosperity of digital publishing. They called on China's digital publishing industry to start as soon as possible in content provision, platform construction and the formulation of laws and regulations, so as to maintain the healthy development of the industry

Du Chuangui and other experts believe that at present, the focus of China's digital publishing industry has not completely shifted to the content link, and the carrier of digital publications such as e-books is still the focus of the industry. The paperless digital publishing weakens the downstream links of the publishing industry. Therefore, the development of digital publishing also needs to promote the transfer of the publishing industry center to the content link

according to the analysis of the 2009 e (paper) reader test report, domestic e (paper) reader brands pay more attention to rich functions and adaptability to open resources, while foreign brands pay more attention to the construction of resource platforms, and design and manufacture products around their resource platforms

experts call for the establishment of laws and regulations applicable to copyright protection in the field of digital publishing as soon as possible to effectively safeguard the interests of obligees

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