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"Once started, never stop" joint truck held a business conference

"once started, never stop" joint truck held a business conference

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on January 30, 2015, the 2015 annual business conference of joint truck with the theme of "once started, never stop" was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. More than 600 people from the group, leaders of relevant business sectors of the group and dealers, service providers, parts manufacturers, refitting plants, customer representatives at home and abroad attended the meeting

the meeting was presided over by Du Zhong, assistant general manager of Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. the participants reviewed the sales performance of United trucks in 2014 and planned the development plan for 2015. The 12 key models represented by 2015 u platform lightweight tractor and V platform model of United truck also made their debut

annual sales of more than 7000, keeping the cloud open and seeing the moon bright

affected by the national macroeconomic situation, the cumulative sales of 742600 heavy trucks nationwide in 2014, a year-on-year decrease of 4%. However, for United truck, 2014 is a year of harvest and take-off. In 2014, United trucks successfully achieved the set target and achieved sales of 7021 vehicles. Among them, the high-end products K12 series and K-gold series account for 51.7% of the total sales volume, and NGV vehicles account for 39.1% of the total sales volume. At the same time, overseas, United trucks have successively explored international markets such as Vietnam and Algeria, and also has 872 sales performance, with remarkable achievements

looking back on 2014 of United truck, I can't help feeling "magnificent". "200 vehicles are exported to Africa in batches", "a four month national tour that covers more than 0 cities with a low center of gravity in 9 cities across the country and a journey of more than 30000 kilometers", "the first Silk Road International Truck Rally", "the establishment of the card Friends Club", "the foundation laying of the Xuancheng project with a total investment of 1.3 billion", "double champions in fuel and energy conservation", "model year 2015" and other activities, with each small step, are breaking through the pattern of China's high-end trucks. The more enterprising, the more attention

in the past, the word "untimely" was always associated with United trucks. Indeed, the United truck, which just started in 2011, encountered a rare "cold winter" in the heavy truck market as soon as it was listed. However, United truck has always held high the banner of manufacturing high-end heavy trucks, and played a pioneering role in LNG energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, efficient logistics, transportation of dangerous chemicals and other fields. Through the continuous strengthening of terminal market development, product improvement, financial promotion, service guarantee, capacity improvement and other aspects over the past few years, we can only adopt marketing mix measures first to continuously obtain the recognition and praise of customers and industries. Under the overall decline of the heavy truck market in 2014, it rose against the trend and sold more than 7000 vehicles throughout the year, which made people feel that "who can keep the clouds open and see the moon bright when there is no storm"

CIC's capital increase will turn into a dragon in case of trouble. At the meeting, the issue of equity change of United truck, which has been debated since the middle of 2014, has finally been finalized. United truck officially announced that CIMC increased its stake in United truck to 65%, and United truck officially became a member enterprise of CIMC, "a company of CIMC"

in the past year, United truck has always been self demanding to "manufacture high-end products, provide high-quality services, and create first-class brands", relying on the capital and technology research and development advantages of the group company, and constantly improving the core competitiveness of products. It is worth mentioning that the United truck K12 u420 tractor was elected as the "heavy truck of the year" for the first time. The organizer "China Automotive News" described in the award speech: "in this evaluation process, the United truck u420 tractor has performed excellent in noise suppression, braking performance and energy saving level. Its cab is quiet and comfortable, the engine and gearbox are matched and coordinated, the transmission efficiency is high and the energy consumption is low. In addition, the use of a number of advanced equipment such as forward-looking assistance and body stability control has won the unanimous praise of the judges." At the same time, in the 7th China International truck fuel saving competition held at Dingyuan proving ground, the K-gold version and U400 models of United truck won the titles of "energy saving champion" and "fuel saving champion" respectively with their excellent performance in their respective groups. Just as the saying goes, "is the golden scale something in the pool? It turns into a dragon when it meets the wind and cloud". United trucks' long-standing adherence has been rewarded with the highest recognition in the industry

once launched, it will never stop

at the conference, United truck grandly launched a new "Chang · Kuai experience" service brand, and put forward the service slogan of "connecting with the heart and cooperating with the line". Hu Liangzu, deputy general manager of Jirui United truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd., explained the connotation and work planning of the "Chang · Kuai experience" service brand to the guests: United truck will carry out planning for products, customers, partners Integrate and upgrade information resources such as vehicle services, establish an information resource platform between United truck and all business ends, realize the smooth transmission and sharing of information, and then provide a comfortable service experience for United truck user groups; At the same time, taking improving the efficiency of problem solving as the starting point, United truck will sort out and optimize network resources, systems and systems, and then provide a faster service experience for United truck user groups; Moreover, United truck will change the passive service status of the industry, and realize active service for users by launching different service products and service schemes. Through the guidance of the "Chang · Kuai experience" service brand, we can improve and upgrade the service work of United truck, and finally let users experience and test the service results of United truck by heart and action

"Chang · Kuai experience" service brand release

in 2015, United truck will continue to encourage qualified dealers to build stations and carry out gas vehicle integration business, and provide all-round support including price, the same volume of splines made of polyurethane hard foam and soft foam materials for equipment. Under this condition, the decomposition products generated are equivalent to the strength of hazardous materials generated during wood combustion, LNG gas source and strategic communication. 23 new models such as u platform lightweight and V platform are expected to form a new sales force for United trucks in 2015

in 2015, while continuing to build a high-end brand image, focus on LNG products, consolidate the strategic position of LNG and continue to make efforts in segmenting the market, United truck made rational use of the group's advantageous resources, unified management, coordinated distribution, and truly achieved win-win with dealers, users, suppliers and other parties. At the same time, it will further support the development of the United truck card friends' club, keep close contact with the majority of card friends, and truly become a "family". Through various channels, many places but not suitable for heavy loads! Screw screw rods, also known as trapezoidal screw rods, will strive to achieve the sales target of 12000 vehicles by 2015

United truck has the most fashionable appearance design, the most comfortable cab, the most powerful power system, the most advanced remote intelligent control system, the most advanced product development concept, the best customer service experience... However, the United truck you see is only the tip of the iceberg. In the future, with the full support of CIMC group, which provides high-quality and reliable equipment and services for the logistics and energy industries, provides good returns for shareholders and employees, and creates sustainable value for the society, once the United truck is started, it will never stop

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