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Two more large-scale enterprises in Shandong have gone bankrupt successively. Changlin group and Chenxi group have always been the two large-scale manufacturing enterprises concerned by the manufacturing industry, and we have reported on them more than once. It was not until I saw the bankruptcy news of Chenxi yesterday and thought of Chang Lin, who announced bankruptcy and reorganization a week ago, that I really realized that Shandong's manufacturing industry is really behind? Really can't hold it

even manufacturing companies such as Changlin and Chenxi are going bankrupt and reorganized. Who will fall next

why is made in China depressed? Why is it so difficult? What went wrong? Is it just the problem of the enterprise itself? How much money does the state have for real estate? How much money to support the real economy? Is the Chinese people still able to consume? Besides buying a house, do you have money to buy clothes? Do you still have money for beer and bread? Even people with multiple houses live a frugal life, unwilling to eat or drink. There is no middle class in China. Even if there is, it has been turned into a debtor by real estate. China's economy is really abnormal

Changlin group went bankrupt and restructured, with debts of up to 7billion, and 7 enterprises invested 2.1 billion to connect the offer

(Huaxia times recorded that the computer screen shows the experimental force and experimental curve, reported by Li Jiyuan from Jinan). On July 18, the second creditors' meeting of 19 companies including Changlin group will be held in Linyi. It is understood that at this meeting, Creditors will vote on the reorganization plan (Draft) of 19 companies including Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the reorganization plan)

the restructuring plan shows that the debt amount of 19 companies including Changlin group is as high as 7billion yuan, and the net assets are expected to drive the rapid development of new generation information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields by 3.897 billion yuan. Six local enterprises in Linyi, including Shandong Xianglong industrial group, will become investors, contributing 2.136 billion yuan to repay the debt and acquiring 100% equity of 19 companies including Changlin group

1. The total amount of creditor's rights is nearly 7billion

the specific business behavior of each company is due to the overall interests of the enterprise actually controlled by Changlin group. The interests of each company are transferred and transferred to each other, and there is a huge multi loan mutual insurance relationship, which has lost the right to make business decisions and will control over each other, resulting in the inability to clearly distinguish the 11 year development time of their respective properties, the intersection of creditor's rights and debts, and the fuzzy boundary, It has constituted the confusion of legal personality. The restructuring plan shows that 19 companies including Changlin group are affiliated companies actually controlled by Changlin group, so it is finally decided to conduct substantive consolidation of 19 companies including Changlin group

the restructuring plan shows that as of July 24, 2017, the liabilities of 19 companies including Changlin group were bankruptcy expenses and mutual benefit debts of 200million yuan, claims secured by specific property of 939 million yuan, employee claims of 150million yuan, social security claims of 45.99 million yuan, tax claims of 26.07 million yuan, and general debt rights of 5.44 billion yuan; The creditor's rights declared to the manager but to be confirmed after examination are 115million yuan; Another creditor declared a total of 554million yuan, which was not determined after examination

in addition, the book records of 19 companies including Changlin group that have established but not declared according to law before entering the bankruptcy proceedings, and the claims of 19 companies including Changlin group that provided guarantees to third parties before entering the bankruptcy proceedings but not declared according to law are 201 million yuan

to sum up, 19 companies including Changlin group have confirmed creditor's rights of about 6.8 billion yuan, including 115million yuan of creditor's rights to formulate and issue the notice on establishing a long-term supervision mechanism for cracking down on steel bars in the name of the general office of the provincial government, which is to be confirmed after review, and the total amount of creditor's rights is nearly 7billion yuan

2. Seven enterprises invested 2.1 billion to take over the offer

it is understood that 19 companies including Changlin group have recruited six companies as investors, and the investors will pay a total of 2.136 billion yuan of debt repayment funds to repay the debts of Changlin group and other companies. Nine companies including Changlin group, lishide machinery and Zhongchuan hydraulic will be invested by Shandong Xianglong industrial group (hereinafter referred to as Xianglong group)

it is understood that Xianglong group will reorganize the hydraulic equipment sector with Changlin group, Changlin casting, Zhongchuan hydraulic, lishide machinery and other companies as the core, and plan to invest 1.7 billion yuan within five years to form an equipment manufacturing industry chain with core competitiveness and sustainable development

Xianglong group station shows that the company was founded in 1993, with total assets of 15.6 billion yuan. It is the parent company of fertilizer manufacturer Shikefeng Chemical Co., Ltd., and firmly ranks among the top four chemical fertilizers in China. The legal representative of the company is Xie Yongjun

we are not optimistic about the takeover of Xianglong group, because we know their liabilities and external guarantees. On the 17th, an internal employee of Changlin group told Huaxia times that employees generally hope to make a two-way choice in the case of buyout

Shandong Jianlu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Linyi Chengzi xinaopeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. plan to invest in three companies: Changfa real estate, Changlin Hotel and Tiandiyuan hot spring, and the development project will be officially opened for sale before April 30, 2019

Shandong Zhongxin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. will invest in four companies, including Huaken fertilizer and ocean fertilizer; Shandong Jiangshan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. plans to invest in Changlin road and bridge, Linshu Caiyi plastic powder material Co., Ltd. plans to invest in biotechnology, and Linshu county supply and marketing Asset Management Co., Ltd. plans to invest in Changlin construction

3. Involving 1504 ordinary creditors

the reorganization plan has also made clear the classification and repayment scheme of various creditor's rights. The reorganization plan shows that the creditor's rights guaranteed by specific property will be paid off in full priority within the liquidation evaluation value of the guaranteed property, and the priority part will be paid off in the form of debt retention, which will be paid off within five years from the date of approval of the reorganization plan, with an annual repayment of 20%

the reorganization plan shows that there are a total of ten creditors with specific property secured claims, involving an amount of 939 million yuan. Among them, Linyi Branch of China Construction Bank has a large amount of 328million yuan, Shandong Branch of Great Wall assets ranks second with 314million yuan, and Linyi Branch of Bank of China has a total amount of 109million yuan. In addition, Linyi Branch of Bank of communications and Linyi Branch of laishang bank involved 94.83 million yuan and 64.42 million yuan of creditor's rights respectively

the repayment scheme of ordinary creditors' rights is that the part of the amount of claims of each ordinary creditor less than 100000 yuan (including 100000 yuan) is fully repaid in cash during the implementation period of the reorganization plan; The part exceeding 100000 yuan shall be paid off in cash at a repayment rate of 10% during the implementation period of this reorganization plan

it is understood that the amount of ordinary creditors involved in the above 19 companies is 5.44 billion yuan, involving 1504 ordinary creditors. For employee claims and social security claims, the restructuring plan shows that they will be paid in full in cash during the implementation period of the restructuring plan

the social security claims in the restructuring plan are only paid off since September 2015. The above-mentioned employees of Changlin group disclosed that from 2000 to 2010, Changlin group did not pay social security to its employees, and the employees hoped to improve the restructuring plan

whether this reorganization plan can be approved by creditors depends on the voting result of the creditors' meeting tomorrow

Shandong Chenxi group filed for bankruptcy, and 40billion private refining and chemical enterprises collapsed

(Economic Observer zhongang report) at present, the refining and chemical industry has fallen into a large area of losses, which has become the last straw to crush individual enterprises. Recently, Chenxi group, which was ranked No. 2 in the "Shandong Private enterprise list", has officially applied to the court for bankruptcy

according to the ruling issued by the national enterprise bankruptcy reorganization information, on July 20, 2018, the people's Court of Ju county, Shandong Province issued the civil ruling (2018) Lu 1122 Po Shen No. 2. This document shows that on July 16, 2018, Shandong Chenxi Group Co., Ltd. applied to the court for bankruptcy reorganization on the grounds that it was unable to repay its due debts and obviously lacked solvency

this private enterprise, which once ranked second in Shandong, was once a star enterprise in Shandong. It was shortlisted as one of China's top 500 private enterprises for seven consecutive years. Shaozhongyi, chairman of the board, once became the richest man in Shandong on the 2016 Hurun rich list with 19 billion yuan

Nowadays, Shandong local refineries are facing a new industrial crisis. Reuters reported in late June that nearly 40% of China's private refineries are at a loss, and their market share is declining. According to a statistical caliber, the average loss per ton of crude oil processed by local refineries in June was about 300 yuan. At the beginning of 2016, the processing profit per ton of crude oil was still 900 yuan. The large-scale loss of Di Lian has also become the last straw that crushed Shandong Chenxi group

Shandong Chenxi group and its subsidiaries were called many times, but many managers refused to respond. A judge of Ju county people's Court confirmed the news to, saying that the bankruptcy case of Chenxi group had just begun, but the judge refused to disclose more information

maybe this is just the beginning. For enterprises, cash flow is blood. How can they operate without blood? Moreover, many refining enterprises in Shandong are too small, which is also the reason why they have no profits. Profits are like the hematopoietic capacity of enterprises. How long can it last without hematopoietic capacity! Reshuffle and reorganization is an inevitable trend. Chenxi group can be said to be a typical representative. Of course, it does not mean that the real economy is no longer working, but that fighting alone can no longer adapt to the development of the times. The way out is to unite strong countries

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