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[yonyou communication] duduyun switchboard helps Gaozheng legal group to achieve efficient operation of enterprise office

Gaozheng legal group (equity Code: 681979). The organization is registered and established by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and has the qualification of an independent legal person. Quanzhou Gaozheng Legal Consulting Co., Ltd. accepts the business guidance of Quanzhou Company Legal Affairs Research Association and belongs to one of the contact points of Fengze District public legal service center. Its main task is to build a one-stop legal service platform to carry out legal consultation, publicity and education of the rule of law, observation and practice of company legal affairs, civil mediation, civil agency and other related activities

I. user needs

there is an urgent need for enterprises to implement the "made in China 2025" image: customer companies mainly do legal consultation, legal publicity and education, and in the early stage, they mainly contact customers through multiple fixed lines, with inconsistent numbers and low customer trust; Moreover, the client company is in a period of rapid development and needs to attract investment. It urgently needs a switchboard number to be made public and carry out material testing. However, the traditional switchboard needs to invest a lot, and the management and wiring cycle is long, which affects the progress of the company's business

there is an urgent need for telephone background management: generally, it is impossible to record records, and in the face of customers' legal consultation problems, it has to take notes in real time, which is inefficient and sometimes difficult to understand the real demands of customers. It needs to be confirmed with customers repeatedly, which wastes a lot of time and makes customers feel unprofessional, affecting the corporate image; In addition, the call records generally saved are very troublesome to find if they take a long time, and it is difficult to accurately locate customers

there is an urgent need to realize mobile office anytime and anywhere: traditional phones are difficult to realize mobile office, while the legal industry needs to visit the customer company frequently. The time of receiving customers is not fixed, and it is easy to miss and miss customers

II. Solution

the duduyun switchboard product launched by UFIDA communications has subverted the traditional office communication mode. It has the characteristics of one multi extension, unified corporate image, real-time call recording, manageable communication, and extension linkage. It can perfectly solve the needs of Quanzhou Gaozheng legal consulting company. The specific solution can be realized:

realize one multi extension: duduyun switchboard is a set of enterprise switchboard office deployed in the cloud, One number with multiple extensions can unify the image of the customer company. In addition, it also has the characteristics of multi terminal communication and professional IVR navigation. The 787 (1) 0 aircraft has received orders for a total of 149 aircraft from 9 customers around the world. The customer can use the duduyun switchboard without expensive program-controlled switch equipment investment and complex wiring to realize the switchboard function. The unified number is open to attract investment and contact customers to create a perfect image

realize the orderly management of the background: the background management system automatically records every pass and records it in real time, and there is no need to worry about missing the customer's legal action. D) condition storage: the experimental control data and sample conditions can be made into modules; At the same time, duduyun switchboard has its own cloud management background. All call records are clear at a glance. Find the communication situation of customers, and the recording records can be called out immediately, saving time and effort

realize mobile office: duduyun switchboard can realize extension and linkage. Put the extension on the, and there will be no missed connection when it is not in the office. The service is more in place, and the business opportunities will not be missed; At the same time, if you want to contact customers outside, open the beep app, and dial out the company's switchboard, the customer's answering rate is high, winning the customer's trust

III. customer evaluation

Gao Zheng Legal Affairs said: the cloud switchboard perfectly meets the company's communication service needs. Now the company publishes a switchboard number, which is easy for customers to remember, the company's image is unified, and the background function is powerful. There are recordings and call records that can be checked at any time. I believe that the development of the company will be better and better, and more extensions will be gradually opened and applied to the whole company

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