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The 100 billion yuan UHV project of the State Grid has been started, and the UHV industrial chain has become the highlight of the new infrastructure. Under the COVID-19, the new infrastructure is in full swing, and UHV has become the highlight of the new infrastructure

on March 5, the UHV sector dominated the screen collectively, including 16 companies including XJ electric, Zhixin electric, China XD, Pinggao electric, TBEA, and Guodian Nanzi. According to the statistics of securities, as of March 5, 22 UHV concept stocks issued 2019 annual report performance forecast, with more than 70% of the performance forecast. The industry expects that this year's UHV investment exceeded expectations, and the concept stocks of the relevant industrial chain are expected to continue to benefit. Further reduce pollution

recently, the state power issued the "key tasks of State Power Co., Ltd. in 2020", covering 10 categories and 31 specific work contents, including power IOT, integrated energy services, UHV, operation and distribution connection, power market transactions, chips, etc

the above key work contents of the State Grid are to strengthen the tensile strength of reinforcement and other occasions. Seven UHV projects were approved during the year, including Nanyang Jingmen Changsha, Nanchang Changsha, Jingmen Wuhan, Zhumadian Wuhan, Wuhan Nanchang, and Baihetan Jiangsu, Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC. In addition, we will strive to complete the work of introducing social capital into Qinghai Henan UHV DC project, and promote the introduction of social capital into Baihetan Zhejiang UHV DC project

Zhou ran, an analyst at Galaxy Securities, said that according to the investment calculation of about 20billion yuan per UHV, the seven newly approved UHV lines during the year may bring about 150billion yuan of market incremental space

it is worth mentioning that a few days ago, the national power restart UHV has pressed the start button, and the resumption project has reached 100 billion yuan

according to the twelve measures released by the State Grid to deal with the impact of the epidemic, we will spare no efforts to resume construction and boost the resumption of enterprises' work and production, three of which involve UHV projects, including the full resumption of major projects with a total construction scale of 71.3 billion yuan, such as Qinghai Henan and Yazhong Jiangxi ± 800 kV HVDC projects, and the new projects with a total investment of 26.5 billion yuan, such as the new Northern Shaanxi Wuhan ± 800 kV HVDC project. The total investment above is as high as 97.8 billion yuan

"China has been in a leading position in technology because of its early investment and accumulation in UHV." Shen Meng, executive director of Xiangsong capital, told securities that UHV has its own advantages in terms of technology and economy, and can transmit electricity over long distances at a lower cost. For a country with unbalanced resources and demand such as China, it is competitive. In the note of measurement characteristics table 2, it is pointed out that when the testing machine can detect the coaxiality of the force (such as changing the fatigue part of the torsion fatigue testing machine), it will compete for advantages. The construction of UHV can not only form a direct investment drive, but also meet the demand for electricity in the next stage of economic development

data show that as of March 5, 22 UHV concept stocks have released 2019 performance forecasts, 16 companies are expected to be happy with their performance, and 11 companies are expected to double their net profits

Dalian electric porcelain released a performance express that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2019 was 46.03 million yuan, an increase of 343.00% over the same period last year. The main reasons for the sharp rise in the company's performance are: the market situation in 2018 was severe and the competition was fierce; In 2019, the overall market situation has recovered, and some of the company's advantageous projects have improved in the short term, resulting in a substantial increase in performance year-on-year

in fact, with the commencement of national UHV projects, many downstream enterprises have resumed work

recently, China National Materials Corporation publicly announced the procurement announcement of three projects, including the first bidding procurement of substation equipment in 2020, Qinghai Henan UHV project monitoring equipment, and UHV converter station spare parts, so the oil supply pressure of the oil pump changes with the working load. The procurement scale is about 3.3 billion yuan

in the evening of March 5, Tongda Co., Ltd. announced that the company was the recommended candidate for winning the bid for the first bidding procurement of line installation materials for the power transmission and transformation project of State Grid Corporation of China in 2020 - conductor and ground wire, optical cable and optical cable accessories package 15 and package 21, and the winning material was conductor and ground wire. It is estimated that the total value of the materials awarded by Tongda Co., Ltd. is 85.691 million yuan, accounting for about 3.57% of the company's operating revenue in 2018

a securities analyst who did not want to be named told securities that with the gradual commencement of the national UHV project, companies related to the industrial chain are expected to receive large orders

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