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UG hardware stamping die design engineer

Course Introduction

UG hardware stamping die design engineer

learn the process analysis of auto parts, process splitting, structural design of typical auto dies, parts design, expansion method of auto parts products, molding analysis, process method of special blank method of material belt, layer management, basic surface, advanced surface, surface skills, expansion, modification of bending sequence, Layout, design of working parts, mold base and standard parts, engineering drawings, customized standard parts, customized document specifications and other whole process design processes. A product can be directly completed in 3D until the 2D engineering drawing is produced, and it can be automatically annotated. In the middle of the process, the whole set of mold design can be completed without going through the CAD process, and the compound die, punching die, forming die, stretching die, and rotary cutting die can be explained. The structural design skills and experience of continuous mold, focusing on the process, skills, springback, reasonable effectiveness of continuous mold, and the ability to independently layout, disassembly process, process analysis, design various automobile molds, terminals, shrapnel, chassis parts, and general tensile parts after learning

1. Calculation of blanking clearance, blanking force, stripping force, spring selection and compression ratio

2. The overall structure of the die is single punch die, composite die structure, continuous die structure, deep drawing die structure, and common die materials, die closure height, template material preparation design, punch up and down bulge standards

3. Expansion calculation calculation expansion method (envelope expansion, 90 degree angle expansion, sharp angle expansion, R-angle expansion, flattening expansion, segment difference expansion, interference expansion, stretching expansion)

4. Design standards for local small forming and bumping of hardware parts, salad making and bump forming. Punch and punching needle design standard, bending reinforcing rib, punch hanging table, punch reinforcement, punch

5 Fixing method, anti jumping waste

6. Process and forming structure chapter dovetail groove inclined slider, side sliding slider structural design standard common fine-tuning structural design

7. Process and forming structure other common forming structures, cutting forming design standards, process reference holes, inserts

8. Process and forming structure hardware continuous mold product splitting process, rebound calculation. Engineering mold product splitting process and engineering decomposition

9. Layout design continuous die layout belt (explanation of experience in finding strip point, design standard of knife edge, broach forming, material grain and stable feeding. 9. Layout design. Layout design. Continuous drawing strip layout of cylindrical parts, layout design of continuous drawing die.

10. Software installation, shortcut keys and function keys, template layer and layering method, mold layer construction, drawing library setting. Set mold type, mold general setting, plate width setting, material setting, storage and adjustment planning file, gap setting. Part location Setting, template thickness and part length setting, template drawing. 1a, b-impact drawing, and the degree of damage to the "microbubble structure" of the wood itself is different, label replication, layer replication. Label change, label copy, layer copy. Annotation annotation, XY annotation and drawing settings. Blind hole data setting, custom labeling, positive

11 Reverse processing modification

12. Hardware parts drawing, safety pin, tooth extraction punch, salad making, bump making, knife punch, upward and downward bending, thread pressing). Drawing of standard parts (punch fixing screws, guide plates, equal height screws, ejector pins, positioning blocks, positioning pins, floating pins, dual-purpose pins, inner guide pillars, outer guide pillars, sub fixing screws, upper and lower die springs, upper and lower die screws, limit pillars, custom holes, reference holes)

13. Knife edge punch and bending punch, sub drawing, template separation, special shape creation, special shape layering, character code drawing. Side view of veneer, mold parts, mold assembly drawing

14. Data files and other auxiliary functions. Disassembly part drawing, punch side view, chamfer cm, chamfer marking, lifting lug drawing, engineering separation, element sub engineering, plus a single template. Gross weight, net weight, material list, design point check list, abnormal modification, template price, pressure center point

15. The overall design of the whole process of continuous die (floating pin and block, punching pre cut, detection needle, blowing, comprehensive explanation of precautions for continuous die). 1ug mold structure design upper support plate, upper pad foot, code module, lifting module, upper mold base, upper pad, upper splint, splint insert, mold guide block, inner limit of upper mold, outer limit of upper mold, function and application explanation of single parts of upper mold B., a punch, a punch skylight insert, trimming punch, trimming skylight insert, step punch, step punch skylight insert, forming punch, integer punch, upper stripping plate, upper mold code insert, Explanation of functions and applications of upper die pins, upper die ejector pins, lower die single parts A. guide plate, lifting plate, a punching knife edge, lower die cutting edge, step distance knife edge, step distance detection, lower die forming, lower die shaping, lower die cutting, tail error detection, lower die lifting plate hook, lower die guide block seat, lower die single part functions and applications B. lower backing plate, lower die inner limit, lower die outer limit, lower die storage and transportation block, lower die seat, Lower foot pad, lower die code module, lower support plate, nitrogen seat, waste drop bucket, product drop bucket, hook, outer guide column, outer guide sleeve, inner guide column, inner guide sleeve, nitrogen, screw, ball lock punch, ball lock seat, self-lubricating sliding plate, positioning pin, guide pin, ejector pin, plug, limit block, Unisex glue, word code, mold gap design and interference inspection, laser material, belt manufacturing explanation

introduction to the organization

Shunlong practical teaching feature 1: we will arrange different engineers of the engineering department, including the chief engineer, for each student according to their basic situation, so as to greatly improve efficiency, reduce detours, and achieve practical mastery of what they have learned

Shunlong practical teaching feature 2: the company now has an engineering department with a numerical control programming workshop and a mold workshop, which is a rare opportunity for those who want to learn technology. The apprentice passes the "whole process factory immersion" learning, and the mold design engineer of the engineering department hands on your experience and ideas, so that the students can easily cross the threshold of "experience". After being qualified in theory and practice, it will be issued by the Ministry of education according to the course; Or; Certificates

Shunlong training post:; And so on all three-dimensional and two-dimensional design talents. Shunlong's unique strength witness: you can learn UG, pro/e, Cimatron, Solidworks, CATIA, AutoCAD, CAXA, Mastercam, pomill, Jingdiao jdpaint, and the version is optional

after more than ten years of development, Shunlong mold has long been well-known in the industry due to its strong technical strength. Shunlong mold design and R & D center is a professional 3D mold design, 3D product design, 3D CNC mold automatic processing one-stop mold design, R & D and manufacturing center. Shunlong mold has more than 20 years of professional product mold design and manufacturing experience, gathered world-class advanced and mature 3D product design three "yingkai Shi said, and has become the first company in China to use 3D printing mold products, and has become the" leader "of advanced 3D technology in the mold industry. Shunlong has been delivering advanced 3D product designers and 3D mold engineers for enterprises for more than 10 years, Numerical control talents, structural engineers, numerical control fully automatic talents, advanced management experience, advanced 3D technology, etc., and help enterprises solve the problems encountered in 3D design, help enterprises get on the scale and integrate with international advanced 3D technology

more than 20 members of the Shunlong engineer team are all excellent product mold design and development engineers from the coastal area of Yuyao, Huangyan, Taizhou, Guangdong Province. Some members of the Shunlong engineer team are also members of the international 3D technology research and Development Association. Before coming to Shunlong, they used to be the chief Engineer of (Taiwan US) joint ventures. They have rich experience and deep financial resources. They have participated in foreign mold plastic product seminars and American NPE exhibitions for many times, India diemould India high tech mold machine tool exhibition, Shanghai PTC, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Precision Mold Technology Seminar), American 3D printing seminar, etc

Shunlong mold R & D and design center has a unique business mode of "teaching as well as doing", and trains and sells genuine (UG) (proe) (Cimatron) (SolidWorks) (CATIA) (MasterCAM) (CAXA) (AutoCAD). Shunlong mould training department has professional full-automatic 3D CNC mould training classroom, professional teaching equipment, many years of teaching experience and strong teaching staff. As of 2013, the center has trained 150000 people in China. Shunlong has completed many projects with high quality and received generous praise from cooperative customers. Representative enterprises such as Lifan, Chang'an Zongshen China Construction Group, Yunwu plastic industry, Jinma Group Wait

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training lecturer

Cui Gong [NC training lecturer]

three axis programming, four axis programming, five axis programming

work experience: 16 years of three-axis programming, four axis programming, five axis programming experience

work experience: worked in many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta from CNC operator to programming supervisor, technical experience * * proficient in mold types:, notebook, automotive plastic parts, electrical appliances, toys, etc. proficient in UG, PowerMILL, Cimatron

Zeng Gong [technical director]

Shunlong technical director Shunlong chief engineer, Shunlong director assistant

working experience: 15 years of product design reverse engineering mold design NC programming experience

working experience: Zeng Gong is proficient in product design, reverse engineering, functional modeling design, mold design, processing and manufacturing technology, proficient in computer programming, and develops some 3D design plug-ins, At present, he is the technical leader in Shunlong, proficient in: UG, pro/e, Cimatron, Solidworks, CATIA, AutoCAD, CAXA, Ma

MA Gong [NC programming director lecturer]

machining center programming engraving machine programming high-speed machine programming computer gong programming lecturer

working experience: 15 years of processing center programming engraving machine programming high-speed machine programming computer gong programming lecturer working experience

working experience: domestic * * * * NC programming lecturer, He used to be the programming supervisor of Shanghai Geely Auto Accessories Co., Ltd; As the chief engineer of Ningbo Jackie Chan enterprise and other group companies, he has more than ten years of NC machining experience and is familiar with all kinds of NC mold manufacturing processes. Mr. Ma has clear teaching ideas, thorough parameter analysis, careful homework correction, factory teaching, strong practical ability, and is deeply welcomed by students

Li Gong [design director lecturer]

product design, mold design lecturer, mold manufacturing process

work experience: 12 years of product design, mold design lecturer, mold manufacturing process work experience

work experience: domestic * * * * 3D industrial designer, national certified senior engineer. He has served as design director, mold engineer and design department director in many group companies. Proficient in the design and mold development of various household appliances, lamps, sanitary wares, automobiles, Has rich experience in product design and mold design

Zhao Gong [chief lecturer of NC programming]

lecturer of NC programming, lecturer of high-speed milling programming, lecturer of NC lathe programming, lecturer of wire cutting and wire walking programming

working experience: 15 years of working experience in NC programming, high-speed milling programming, NC lathe programming, wire cutting and wire walking programming

working experience: Chongqing Shunlong mold training NC lecturer, domestic * * * * NC programming lecturer, Once worked in Chongqing Chang'an No.2 factory, with more than ten years of NC machining experience and familiar with all kinds of NC mold manufacturing processes. Teacher Zheng has clear teaching ideas, thorough parameter analysis and batch operation

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