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UHV: the "national business card" of China's high-end manufacturing

when it comes to the world's leading made in China, the first reaction of ordinary people may be high-speed rail and aerospace, but what many people don't know is that China's UHV transmission is also a business card of China's leading in the world in the field of high-end manufacturing

after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, China has fully mastered the core technology of UHV coating, and has become the first and only country in the world that successfully mastered and applied UHV technology in dental destruction. This enables Chinese UHV people to fully confidently shout that the Chinese standard is the world standard

Chinese standard is the world standard

in Dingxing County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, a 1million volt substation called Beijing West has been basically completed, and power transmission will begin after all commissioning is completed. In the layman's view, this is not different from other substations, but it is a little larger, and they are also built with dense iron towers, with rows of wires. But an expert can see the difference here at a glance

this is the substation with the highest voltage in the world, and the internal equipment is completely localized. The substation site can be said to be spotless. If you pay attention, you can find that the surface of the square column cement column of the fence is not only straight, but also smooth as a mirror. Although it is more than ten meters high, there is no joint, which is very difficult to do and requires high technology and process. For this reason, even world-class experts should give their thumbs up

in the field of UHV transmission, we can proudly say that the Chinese standard is the world standard. Zhang Guilin, deputy commander in chief of the UHV headquarters of Hebei company, said that China is in the leading position in the world in the field of UHV transmission. At present, many international standards in the construction and operation of UHV transmission field in the world come from China

1 million volt substation GIS equipment installation is an international problem, because GIS equipment has very high requirements for the environment during the installation process, and it is required to meet the dust-free standard. Otherwise, equipment short circuit is likely to occur during the operation of the power station, causing major accidents and losses. In order to solve this problem, guohebei company, which is responsible for the construction, creatively adopted the all-weather multi-functional assembly plant technology, laid the track on the installation site, and then built the fully enclosed plant on the track, installed one section, moved one section, and can be removed after the construction is completed

it is seen on the scene that entering the mobile plant requires several passes. It is not only necessary to wear closed work clothes all over the body, but also to isolate and blow before entering, so as to prevent dust from entering. Although it is a mobile plant, it has complete internal equipment, which can effectively realize dust-free operation, constant temperature and humidity, so as to ensure the safe installation of equipment

the cylindrical GIS equipment has a total length of hundreds of meters, and the weight of a single section is about 10 tons. However, during the installation process, the horizontal error must not exceed 2 mm, otherwise it will fail in operation. In order to overcome this problem, the construction personnel of the state Hebei Company innovated the technology and invented the installation stabilizer, which can effectively ensure that the installation error is less than 2 mm

in order to effectively realize the long-distance and high-capacity transmission demand, the construction of 1million volt high voltage can be said to be excellence, ranging from mm to 100 tons, which is difficult and innovative everywhere. On the top of Taihang Mountain in Xingtai County, Xingtai City, a 114.6-meter-high iron tower with a weight of 431 tons is nearly completed, and several tons of steel parts are continuously transported to the mountain through the temporarily constructed heavy-duty cableway

as a world standard, UHV is an innovative technology independently developed and widely used by the State Grid Corporation of China, which solves the problem of domestic energy imbalance and realizes the optimal allocation of energy resources in a wider range. At the same time, China's modern electricity technology, including UHV and smart electricity, provides a realistic alternative for the future development of renewable energy bases around the world and the construction of global energy interconnection. Liu Zhenya, former chairman and Secretary of the Party group of State Grid Corporation of China, said at the 2014 Paris business and climate summit that UHV must be used to build global energy interconnection. UHV is a unique technology in China, which has contributed to the development of all mankind. China is willing to share this advanced technology with the world

implement the concept of green construction with the spirit of craftsman

as the highest voltage power transmission and transformation equipment in the world, the requirements are very precise. We must demand ourselves with the spirit of craftsman, and be professional, dedicated and attentive to every link, no matter big or small. Zhang Guilin said

according to Zhang Guilin, in the past, power plants were built on the edge of the city, and then coal was transported to generate electricity, which would cause great urban pollution. Now the power plant is built in a sparsely populated place, and the substation is built on the edge of the city to transmit the power of the power plant to the city. This itself is more environmentally friendly than before, but this is not enough. We must also achieve green environmental protection in the construction process

the premise is green construction, that is, pay attention to green environmental protection in construction, and the green construction we now propose is green environmental protection in the whole process from design, construction, products to operation management. Zhang Guilin said that green construction is the concrete embodiment of the concept of sustainable development in the whole process of power construction and development. It is not only the implementation of closed construction, the elimination of dust and the reduction of noise nuisance in the project construction, nor is it just the planting of flowers and grass around the construction site, regular watering, etc., but also includes all aspects of sustainable development, such as ecological and environmental protection, resource and energy utilization, social and economic development, etc

in the past, construction was carried out directly after land acquisition, so it was easy to damage the cultivated soil on the upper layer of the cultivated land, and the formation of cultivated soil took 20 to 30 years. Now, the construction is to take out 60 cm of cultivated soil on the land acquisition for protection and hand it over to the local government to make land. Under the cultivated soil is raw soil for backfilling. Although it covers an area of 200 mu, it can regenerate 200 mu of good farmland, which greatly saves cultivated land resources

China Hebei company has made strict regulations in the whole construction process, not only in terms of land saving, but also in terms of water saving, material saving, energy saving and environmental protection

a closer look at the 400 ton iron tower on Taihang Mountain shows that it has long and short legs, and the four tower bases are not on the same plane, but some are high and some are low. This is also to protect the mountain to the greatest extent. In the past, the construction on the mountain was basically to flatten the whole mountain, and then build an iron tower on a plane. This will cause too much damage to the mountain, and the remaining debris such as gravel will directly fall down along the hillside, and the vegetation of the whole hillside will be destroyed. Zhang Guilin said that now the location of each tower base is measured and determined according to the height of the mountain, so as to minimize the damage to the mountain. Moreover, after the construction is completed, grass will be planted again on the mountain to ensure that the mountain vegetation will not be damaged

not only that, the concept of green is also reflected in all aspects of detail. In Shijiazhuang 1million volt substation located in Xingtai County, Xingtai City, the firewall of the transformer is not flat, but like hedgehogs. The bricks of the wall protrude regularly, which is an innovation of Shijiazhuang station. The reason for this is that there is noise from the transformer during operation. Although the substation is built in the wilderness, in order to minimize noise disturbance, the firewall wall is built, which can maximize the contact area of the wall and play a certain adsorption role on the noise

the rest, such as intelligent zero discharge sewage treatment technology, green lighting technology, building material energy conservation, etc., have become standard configurations in the construction process. The most important thing is to implement the green concept not only in the construction of such a large 1million volt substation, but also in the construction of projects at all levels

even for the construction of a telegraph pole, we should ensure the implementation of the concept of green construction, Zhang Guilin said

As the most advanced transmission technology in the world, UHV has many outstanding characteristics, such as large capacity, high efficiency, low loss, long distance and so on. This has also created conditions for building global energy interconnection

global energy interconnection is an energy infrastructure covering the world. 1. Stretching and tightening limited space is the fundamental strategy to resolve the dilemma of fossil energy and realize the sustainable and coordinated development of energy, economy, society and environment. For example, about 60% of the pollution in Hebei province comes from coal and oil, 20 percentage points higher than the national average. The construction of global energy interconnection will form a new pattern with electricity as the center and 3D printing has been changing the geometry convention, which is dominated by clean energy, and can effectively promote the environmental improvement in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. At the same time, it is conducive to digesting the excess capacity of Hebei steel and cement

Shu Yinbiao, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party group of State Grid Corporation of China, said during the investigation of Beijing West UHV substation that more than 75% of China's energy resources are in the West and North, and the load center is mainly in the middle and East. UHV technology will send western energy to the east to meet the power demand of the East and solve the problems such as haze and pollution. At the same time, global energy interconnection is an important part of the the Belt and Road strategy. It is a wider and wider range of electrical interconnection, which is not only feasible, but also achievable

NEC has signed cooperation agreements with many internationally renowned research institutions such as the International Energy Agency and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States to jointly participate in the construction of super power in Europe and carry out research on Key Technologies of global energy interconnection

at present, the development of UHV has become a national strategy. China has mastered the core key technologies of UHV, built a number of world-class innovative projects, and further accelerated the development of UHV, which will play a key role in serving the overall national work, promoting the supply side structural reform, the construction of the the Belt and Road, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base and other major strategies, It is of great significance to solve the problem of power security, optimize the allocation of energy resources, and solve the problems of power security and clean development

Liu Kejian, general manager of guohebei company, said that he would vigorously promote the ultra-high pressure spirit and craftsmanship spirit, innovate and advocate green construction, strive to build high-quality projects, benchmark projects and demonstration projects, and make contributions to the construction of global energy interconnection and the realization of wider and broader electrical interconnection

it is estimated that from 2016 to 2030, the total investment in UHV will reach 2.22 trillion yuan, the investment in supporting power from 10 kV to 750 kV will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, and the total investment in clean energy development in the western region will reach 5.6 trillion yuan. It can drive GDP growth by about 0.6 percentage points every year and provide about 1.4 million jobs

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