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Uc/ubg product solution II of Dingxin Tongda fusion pass

fusion pass

uc100 provides FXS and FXO voice interfaces, which can be seamlessly connected to IP voice, mobile network (PLMN) and traditional network (PSTN)

uc100 integrated voice gateway is based on the standard SIP protocol. It can interoperate with the existing IP voice network, and has its own IPPBX function to provide registration authentication for other SIP based IP voice devices such as IP phones, ATA or analog voice gateway

uc100 integrated voice gateway can not only be used as a personal communication product to provide high-speed VPN transparent transmission function, but also can be widely used in small and micro enterprises. Its main function is to dry the cable core, provide high-speed Internet access, enterprise voice communication, enterprise SMS sending and receiving and other functions

personal SOHO application scenario:

chain store integrated communication solution:

solution features

it is easy to connect all stores to the platform for unified management

enterprises can also easily establish their own private cloud, using language, monitoring, conference functions

Enterprise customized business: Mobile store management, store tour, video conference In order to make it convenient for customers to inquire about our interpretation of labor training according to the classification of Jinan Hengxu experimental machine

unified management of enterprise advertising content delivery

WiFi certification, advertising push

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