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Ucloud received 960million yuan of round D financing

on March 29, the annual China cloud computing industry conference think in cloud 2017 (TIC) was held in Beijing. This conference was hosted by ucloud, a leading domestic cloud computing service provider, and co organized by umcloud, an enterprise private cloud service provider. This tic conference focuses on the application and practice of cloud computing in various industries in the Internet + era, as well as helping with industrial upgrading and reform and innovation. It aims to help enterprises realize their dreams of innovation and transformation through the latest cutting-edge technologies and services of cloud computing

in addition to the main meeting, the conference also set up two parallel sub venues. Ucloud's senior executives, technical experts and senior executives of many innovative enterprises in the Internet and traditional fields attended the meeting. The meeting attracted nearly 1000 people from many industries, such as consumption upgrading, sharing economy, enterprise services, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and so on, including investment, management, technology, operation and maintenance

release a new product solution system Yunhan

in 2017, the cloud computing industry ushered in a golden period of development, and the demand for innovation and upgrading based on cloud computing has become increasingly strong. The theme of this tic conference is to build the dream of cloud as needed. At the meeting, Chen Xiaojian, senior vice president of ucloud, released a new product solution system, ucloud Yunhan. Yunhan includes ten solutions, including Yaoguang live broadcast cloud solution, Qiming hybrid cloud solution, Yuheng financial cloud solution, Kaiyang global service solution, Ziwei private cloud solution, Wenqu artificial intelligence solution, Wuqu massive computing solution, Baiju proprietary cloud solution, Tiangang security solution and Xuanwu high availability solution

Yunhan product solution system, in essence, is the product of our long-term practice of customer needs and our next product. It is the result of digging deep into the pain points of the industry and responding to needs. It is also the embodiment of ucloud's differentiated core competitiveness. Chen Xiaojian introduced the significance of Yunhan. In addition, the conference shared cutting-edge content on software definition CDN, AI as a service, serverless changing the future architecture and other aspects, aiming to provide new ideas for the technological development of the cloud computing industry

ucloud received 960 million yuan of round D financing

at this conference, ucloud announced that it had obtained nearly 960 million yuan of round D financing. This financing is jointly invested by Yuanhe holdings and CICC Jiazi. This is another capital investment after ucloud obtained a round C financing of US $100million in 2015. Previously, DCM, Bertelsmann, Junlian capital, Guangxin capital and Guokai Kaiyuan all invested in ucloud to help the development of enterprises

after dismantling the vie architecture in 2016, ucloud has become a purely domestic funded large cloud computing company. Ji Xinhua, CEO of ucloud, said that in the future, ucloud will continue to uphold the principles of neutrality, professionalism and customization to serve customers. After obtaining this round of financing, ucloud will continue to introduce high-end R & D talents, strengthen infrastructure construction worldwide, and lay out the field of artificial intelligence to help more customers achieve business innovation, transformation and upgrading

the huge market value of cloud computing has been recognized by the industry. According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of China's cloud computing industry exceeded 30%, reaching about 150billion yuan by the end of 2015. Some industry experts predict that the scale of cloud computing industry is expected to reach 600billion yuan in 2017, and the total scale is expected to reach 800billion yuan by 2018

in addition to the dividends of 100 billion city has been committed to the full risk research fields such as the personal safety of experimental operators when the power lithium battery explodes in the process of experiment, agate reported that China has woken up, investors chose ucloud to pay more attention to its deep cultivation and innovation in technology and products, and its understanding of the industry to melt and ecological layout under pressure. Ucloud is an independent and neutral cloud service provider, which has grown rapidly in the past five years. Its business covers the Internet fields such as live broadcast, games and e-commerce, and traditional industries such as retail, manufacturing, finance and medical treatment. It has clear development ideas and remarkable achievements, showing its own advantages and potential, while confirming the great prospects of the cloud computing industry. Introduction of the person in charge of the investor

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