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UHD terminals and chips: the industrial chain cooperates to promote the healthy development of UHD industry

raw materials of mechanical and electrical products; Electronic appliances; On May 9, the 2019 world ultra high definition video (4k/8k) industry development conference co hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio and television, the Central Radio and television station and the Guangdong Provincial People's government was held in Guangzhou. During the meeting, the UHD terminal and chip forum organized by China UHD video industry alliance and the Third Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation was mainly held in the afternoon of May 9, with narrow fluctuations. Wu Xin, director of the industry department of the Third Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation, led the forum. At the meeting, leaders in charge of relevant government departments, representatives of industry associations and leading enterprises gathered together to put forward constructive suggestions and views on how to promote the rapid development of UHD video industry

the industry shows a good trend of terminal first

in 2018, China's ultra-high definition TV shipments were 30.1 million units, accounting for 30% of the total global shipments, ranking first in the world; The self-sufficiency rate of Ultra HD panel is 50%; Domestic UHD chips account for 60% of the local market, and the supply capacity of UHD terminals and chips has been significantly enhanced. On the demand side, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, UHD video terminal products are rapidly popularized. In 2018, the sales volume of 4K TVs in China steadily increased to 69%, the popularity of 4K TVs reached 70%, and the ownership of 4K TVs was nearly 110million, and the three indicators were far higher than the global average

Zhou Haiyan, a researcher from the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in her speech that terminals and chips are key links in the UHD video industry and an important engine to promote industrial development. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic information technology, China has made great progress in the field of UHD terminals and chips. On the supply side, the continuous innovation and breakthrough of UHD display technology has promoted the rapid development of UHD video industry, and a number of internationally competitive terminal and chip enterprises have emerged

Li Jian, executive vice president of Shenzhen Skyworth RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., believes that from the perspective of the entire UHD industry chain, the key points include content production, network transmission and display terminals. The UHD industry in China shows a good trend of terminal first, steady progress in transmission construction, and gradual follow-up of industrial applications

heconglei, a researcher at the Third Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation, believes that there are four major development trends in UHD in China. First, the gradual improvement of UHD cognition and recognition will form a virtuous circle in the whole industrial chain. Second, the layout of UHD industrial chain is gradually improving. Breakthroughs have been made in content shooting, content production, storage coding, ultra-high definition memory chips, mobile networks, signal transmission terminals and high bandwidth transmission. Third, UHD TV is developing towards 8k+5g. On ces2019, sharp, Skyworth, Konka and other manufacturers showed 8K TV products one after another. Fourth, the regional industrial base continues to grow. Today, Shanghai focuses on building a content center chip R & D center and standard patent center, Chongqing promotes the transformation and upgrading of UHD panel industry, Hunan builds a manufacturing + content + transmission + application whole industry chain system, Beijing builds a 5g+8k national collaboration center and content production cluster, etc. These good development trends will continue to promote the sustainable development of industrial terminals

replace the old with the better and accelerate the full popularization of 4K TV

Zhou Haiyan said that the Ministry of industry and information technology, as the competent department of the industry, has been committed to promoting the rapid and healthy development of the ultra high definition video industry. On March 1, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with the State Administration of radio and television and China Central Radio and television, formulated the action plan for the development of the ultra high definition video industry (year), which carried out the top-level design for the development of the ultra high definition video industry. Next, the Ministry of industry and information technology will carry out work in the field of ultra high definition video in three aspects. First, strengthen overall coordination and actively implement the action plan. The second is to build an industrial ecosystem and create a good development environment. Third, carry out the replacement of old color TVs for better ones, and speed up the popularization of UHD TVs

Peng Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China electronic video industry association, said that China electronic video industry association and terminal enterprises are actively carrying out the activity of eliminating the old color TV sets for the best. He believes that China, as the world's largest color TV manufacturing country, the largest panel manufacturing country, the largest color TV consumer market, the largest Internet TV user market, and also the most cutting-edge application market of AI, IOT, and 5-conditioning gripper position g communication, plays a decisive role in promoting the elimination of the old for the best and the popularization of 4K

Peng Jianfeng calculated for the guests at the scene what significant effects will be brought by comprehensively promoting the elimination of the old and the replacement of the excellent. In the past seven years, a total of 107million 4K TVs have been promoted. Based on the final 70% penetration rate of 4K TVs, another 350million non 4K TVs need to be gradually replaced with 4K TVs. If 35 million 4K TVs are sold every year, it will take at least a teenager to complete the full popularization of 4K TVs. Domestic TVs are eliminated in an average of 12 years, which is nearly twice the 7-year safe service life of the industry standard. Therefore, there is room for a significant reduction in the replacement cycle of smart TVs. If the TV is changed in 7 years, the scale of the domestic demand market will exceed 80million, and the task of converting all the existing TVs into 4K TVs can be completed in only one year

PENG Jianfeng believes that by replacing the old with the better, 4K TV will be popularized in an all-round way, which is very important for the ecological development of the color TV industry. It is mainly reflected in expanding the scale of domestic demand market, eliminating the risk of overcapacity caused by the continuous mass production of high-generation lines, and driving the trillion level market development of information services and family services at the same time. At the same time, 4k/8k's consumption capacity for bandwidth will also establish an important demand to promote 5g commercialization

since 2016, Hisense, TCL, Samsung, Skyworth and other TV enterprises have also actively participated in the activities of eliminating the old and replacing the good. Peng Jianfeng believed that under the guidance of the competent department of the industry and the joint efforts of the association and enterprises, he believed that the work of eliminating the old for the good and popularizing 4K TV for all will be smoothly promoted

terminal and chip enterprises work together to promote the development of UHD industry

on the scene, terminal enterprises introduced their achievements and characteristics, future development direction and thoughts and suggestions on the industry during the layout of UHD industry

Xiong Wei, President of Shanghai Hisilicon Technology Co., Ltd., said that the future development path of Hisilicon's ultra-high definition video industry focuses on display AI and connection technology. He said that Hisilicon has now built a 10000 ton/year thermoplastic vulcanized rubber complete set of industrial devices, including doorbells, in 2012 at the chip technology level, with home information equipment. In the future, it will be opened to the whole industry. He hopes that all families can realize interconnection and interoperability, and the large TV screen can present entertainment safety information more easily and simply, giving consumers different experiences and values. Let consumers really experience that what they buy is not only the display of the TV, but also the central control point of the future smart home. In addition, Hisilicon plans to connect TV and shopping mall information. Smart chips, combined with big data analysis, can identify the contents, hot spots, clothes that consumers pay attention to, and objects that are designed according to the mechanical index of materials for the detection of each kind of experimental machine. Hisilicon design connects the back end and finally realizes the connection with commerce. In the future, this business model based on large screen can bring more business opportunities, as well as more value and convenience to consumers. At the same time, Xiong Wei frankly said that this goal needs to be achieved together with business partners

Li Jian, executive vice president of Shenzhen Skyworth RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., introduced Skyworth's progress in developing 4K UHD TVs. He said that Skyworth has the advantage of improving the industrial chain after 30 years of accumulation. Including upstream screen products, chips and self-developed Kukai system. SKYWORTH will integrate these advantages into large screen aiot in the future, and finally create an open large-scale aiot ecosystem. In 2012, Skyworth became the first enterprise brand to launch 4K TV in China. In 2013, the proportion of Skyworth 4K TV has reached 45%. Today, Skyworth's 4K TVs account for 70% of the total, with sizes ranging from inches, of which 55 inch 4K TVs account for 56%. Li Jian believes that with the development of 5g, great opportunities will be brought to TV terminal enterprises, including the rapid expansion of ultra-high definition large screens to education, medical and other systems, and the realization of the goal that LCD will make smart screens everywhere

Yang Dan, deputy chief engineer of Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., introduced Changhong's development strategy in the field of UHD video industry. All along, Changhong has promoted the popularization of 4K and actively deployed 8K. By the first quarter of 2019, the proportion of 4K shipments in Changhong's domestic market had exceeded 60%; After long-term technical research, Changhong officially mass produced 75 inch 8K products in April, and will gradually increase 65 and 55 inch products in the future. In addition, Changhong also pays attention to the basic functions of sound and image quality, and focuses on strengthening intelligence

Yang Dan also put forward his own thoughts and suggestions on the panel related problems faced by complete machine enterprises in the Ultra HD era. First, the cost problem. At present, 8K panel is basically more than 1.5 times the price of 4K panel. The cost and price of the whole machine are high, which restricts the rapid popularization of 8ktv. The second is the problem of the panel. The penetration rate of the panel is low, resulting in low energy efficiency of the whole machine; To achieve level 2 energy efficiency, more costs need to be added; It is more difficult to achieve level 1 energy efficiency. In addition, the panel also has the problem of low penetration. Third, the panel yield and reliability. At present, 8K panel has not been mass produced. From the current machine test, 8K panel has some disadvantages compared with 4K panel, such as low yield and poor reliability. Therefore, he suggested that the industry could solve the above problems according to the development characteristics of 8K and accelerate the popularization of 8K

with the continuous enrichment of ultra-high definition content in the future, the opening of the 5g era and the advent of the Internet of everything era, the upgrading of television will be accelerated, and the ultra-high definition video industry will also drive more application scenarios and broader market space. Accelerating the development of ultra-high definition video industry is of great significance to meet the growing needs of people for a better life, drive the intelligent transformation of the video centered industry, and promote the overall strength of China's information industry and cultural industry

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