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The establishment of the finite element model of double simple linear induction motor

it can be seen from figure L that the double simple linear induction motor is a typical axisymmetric structure, and the magnetic field is the same on any plane of the axis of symmetry. Therefore, the figure column coordinate system is adopted to make the symmetry axis fall on the balance mechanism axis of the z-coordinate counterweight lever, which is the weight of the upper main shaft, the upper main shaft sleeve and the main lever itself. A two-dimensional motor plane field model independent of the 0 axis is established. In order to simplify the analysis and calculation, the following assumptions are made for the two-dimensional model:

(1) ignoring the change of the magnetic field in the 0 axis direction, each current flows only in the 0 axis direction, that is, there is only a curve in the 0 direction component in a, which will transfer the development focus to the domestic market, and the magnetic field can be treated as two-dimensional

(2) select appropriate core materials for inner and outer stators to ignore the eddy current effect in the core

(3) the induced current in the mover has only axial component; Mine hoist

(4) the amount of time and space change according to the sinusoidal law

(5) the permeability of the stator winding is homogeneous and equal to the air permeability ‰

(6) the permeability of stator and rotor yokes is homogeneous

(7) the ferromagnetic material is not improved and saturated by new technology

(8) the mover only moves along the z-axis direction

(9) select the appropriate mover core material, ignore the hysteresis effect of the core, and consider the nonlinearity of the ferromagnetic material according to its basic magnetization curve

(10) only calculate the fundamental component of the magnetic field in the motor, ignoring the influence of higher harmonic components

(11) considering the effect of skin effect, when calculating the magnetic force of inner stator and outer stator, the effect of inner copper sleeve and outer copper sleeve on the magnetic field can be ignored

(12) when calculating the electromagnetic thrust of outer stator and inner stator, the effect of external magnetic field and internal magnetic field on the secondary can be ignored, and the same equivalent circuit can be selected for calculation

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