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Ucstar unified communication service Huatai Insurance

Huatai Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huatai life insurance) is a national life insurance company initiated and established by powerful financial and insurance groups and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. It also acts as an agent for Shougang, Baosteel, Hangang, Jiyuan, Wuyang and other enterprise products, and its shareholders have invested more than 2billion yuan. The company officially opened in 2005 and is headquartered in Beijing. At present, it has opened more than 200 branches and business outlets in Beijing, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Henan, Fujian, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Hubei and other provinces and cities

Huatai Insurance Group Co., Ltd., the main shareholder of Huatai life insurance, is one of the nine major insurance groups in China; Ace group, another major shareholder, is one of the largest property insurance, insurance and reinsurance companies in the world, and is rated as one of the 130 best performing enterprises in the world by Forbes magazine

as a modern enterprise with a high sense of society, Huatai life insurance has always paid attention to the long-term development goals of the enterprise and the corresponding growth environment, with the goal of becoming a qualified corporate citizen and undertaking the mission of building a harmonious society. Since its establishment, the company has carried out effective social public welfare activities in many fields such as social education and health. Especially in the critical moment of disaster relief, Huatai life mobilized from top to bottom, went all out, took effective measures to quickly settle claims for disaster stricken customers, and raised funds and sold uprisings at the first time, reflecting a strong social awareness

Huatai life insurance, a promise of Huaxia, is as calm as Jiuding. It is jointly built by strong and strong companies. It respects the core values of insurance, adheres to the scientific concept of development, strengthens internal control management and risk prevention, constantly optimizes the business structure, and comprehensively improves the business quality. It is striving to develop into a composite life insurance company with strong independent business channels, good business quality and rapid development speed, While providing professional insurance and financial services to our customers, we are also committed to making due contributions to promoting the development of China's insurance industry and creating a harmonious society

with the popularization of Internet and the continuous improvement of enterprise informatization, on the basis of using it for information management, enterprises also continue to consider how to use the latest communication technology to improve work efficiency, reduce work costs and improve competitiveness. In addition to improving internal efficiency, in order to adapt to the reality that more and more customers turn to the Internet, it is also an important direction for enterprises and units to explore and serve customers through the Internet. Huatai life insurance is no exception. In order to better serve insurers and allow more people to enjoy services through multiple channels after purchasing insurance, Huatai finally chose Qingqi technology's ucstar unified communication after long-term product options

signing Huatai life insurance is another innovation of ucstar unified communication platform in the insurance industry after Pacific Insurance and Taikang people have lead screw transmission and rack transmission life

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