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UHV: drive the upgrading of electrical equipment industry

the third workers' Congress of the second session of the State Electricity Corporation and the 2013 working conference proposed that in the eight years from this year, the company will invest about 1.2 trillion yuan to put into operation 94000 kilometers of UHV lines, 320 million KVA of substation capacity and 460 million kw of converter capacity. By 2015, 2017 and 2020, "Two vertical and two horizontal", "three vertical and three horizontal" and "five vertical and five horizontal" UHV "Sanhua" synchronous power will be completed respectively, and 27 UHV DC projects will be completed by 2020. The third workers' Congress of the second session of the State Power Corporation of China and the 2013 work conference proposed that in the eight years from this year, the company will invest about 1.2 trillion yuan to put into operation 94000 kilometers of UHV lines, 320 million KVA of transformation capacity and 460 million kw of commutation capacity. By 2015, 2017 and 2020, two vertical, two horizontal, three vertical, three horizontal and five vertical and five horizontal UHV Sanhua synchronous power will be completed respectively, and 27 circuit UHV DC projects will be completed by 2020

with the continuous approval and construction of UHV projects, China's electrical equipment manufacturing industry has also ushered in the spring of development. Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmo energy, believes that the successful development of UHV complete sets of transmission equipment has changed the development mode of China's long-term introduction of technology and digestion and absorption from developed countries in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing, made a comprehensive breakthrough from basic research to engineering practice, and achieved Chinese creation and Chinese leadership

On March 21, 2005, Zeng Peiyan, then Vice Premier of the State Council, presided over a special meeting to listen to the UHV work report of the State Grid Corporation of China. The minutes of the meeting pointed out that the development of UHV power is the concrete embodiment of the implementation of the scientific concept of development in the power industry, an important guarantee to meet the sustainable growth of China's power demand in the future, and an effective way to optimize China's energy allocation

UHV, a new thing in China at that time, began to gradually enter people's vision. Since then, according to the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, the China Machinery Industry Federation has carried out serious research on UHV, focusing on the feasibility of independent research and development, independent manufacturing and partial introduction of foreign advanced technology of domestic UHV equipment, the production and test conditions required for localization, as well as the supply period, etc

compared with the production of power generation equipment, China's power transmission and transformation equipment industry is somewhat backward compared with developed countries. Through the development and production of UHV transmission equipment, this lesson will be supplemented and synchronized. Lu Yansun, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said after investigation

since the state agreed to start the UHV work in 2005, more than 3000 scientific research and engineering technicians, including more than 30 academicians, and 11 institutions at home and abroad have organized to participate in the UHV demonstration. Major domestic electric power research and design units and 9 universities have participated in the UHV research and design, more than 500 construction units and tens of thousands of people have participated in the UHV project construction, and more than 200 equipment manufacturers have participated in the equipment development and supply

the difficulty of moving forward in exploration can be imagined. Although the United States, the Soviet Union, Italy, Japan and other countries have carried out research on UHV transmission technology, on the whole, the development of UHV abroad is still in experimental research and practical exploration, and has not made a breakthrough in commercial application

all the UHV transmission equipment we encounter are brand new. In the past, not only did we not have it ourselves, but also abroad. For so many years, foreign countries have stopped studying. There are no products for reference, and there are no technical experience or standards for reference. We must innovate independently. Independent innovation, especially equipment, is very difficult. Said Chen Weijiang, deputy director of the communication construction Department of the company and the second finisher of the UHV AC transmission project

in the following years, the two clamps separated and stretched the samples at a certain speed. After the full efforts of scientific research personnel and manufacturers, China's UHV technology has made a major breakthrough, comprehensively mastered the UHV core technology and the manufacturing capacity of a full set of equipment, and achieved the independent research and development and manufacturing of key equipment such as high-voltage transformers, reactors, 6-inch thyristors, large capacity converter valves, which completely broke abb Technology monopoly of foreign manufacturers such as Siemens for a long time. The equipment localization rate of the Nanyang Jingmen 1000 kV high-voltage AC test demonstration project in Southeast Shanxi has reached more than 90%, and the equipment localization rate of the Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV high-voltage DC demonstration project is close to 70%

if the completion and operation of UHV AC and DC demonstration projects have achieved a historic breakthrough in China's UHV from scratch, the stable operation of the above two projects since they were put into operation fully shows that the reliability of China's independently developed equipment is sufficient to meet the requirements of large power operation. The success of the research and development of UHV transmission project has greatly improved the R & D and manufacturing capacity of domestic equipment manufacturers for key equipment, driven China's power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, and the UHV R & D design, manufacturing process and test and detection capabilities have reached the international leading level. The electrical technology has achieved a major change from introduction to output, from 7 temperature setting: press the Λ or Λ key on the temperature controller to catch up to lead

the research and development achievements of UHV equipment are also applied to the technical upgrading of UHV equipment. Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmo energy, said that domestic backbone electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises have taken this opportunity to form core competitiveness, have mastered the dominance of the domestic market, and have fully entered the international market, achieving a breakthrough of zero export of high-end products. Since 2009, despite the continuous impact of the international financial crisis, the export of China's UHV and UHV main equipment manufacturing enterprises has increased rather than decreased. The total export of equipment products of 500 kV and above has reached 10 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 40%. The winning overseas projects are distributed in North America, Central Asia, the Philippines, India, Brazil and other countries and regions. UHV and UHV equipment has become a powerful weapon for domestic enterprises to open the international market

lead the establishment of international standards

lead the world, which is the goal that China, which is becoming increasingly powerful today, strives for in all fields. For UHV transmission technology and equipment, China has become a real global leader

the special report of the International Commission on electricity and science pointed out that UHV key technologies and equipment have achieved important breakthroughs that mark the beginning of the industrialization of aerogel gel with real commercial significance, which is of great significance to promote the research and application of UHV transmission technology in the world. It is a great technological achievement and a milestone in the development history of the world's power industry. Steven Chu, the Nobel Laureate in physics and Secretary of energy of the United States, also made no secret of China's achievements in the field of UHV transmission: the related fields in which China challenges the innovative leadership of the United States and develops rapidly include UHV AC and DC transmission with the highest voltage, the highest transmission capacity and the lowest loss

in recent years, under the background that the State encourages enterprises to actively implement the "going global" strategy, the company has accelerated the pace of internationalization, from the Philippines to Brazil, from Portugal to Australia, from Russia to Venezuela, and its international business has made continuous breakthroughs from point to area. In this process, it is particularly important to actively participate in the formulation of international standards for energy and power, promote the transformation of advanced technological achievements such as UHV into international standards, and enhance China's influence and voice in the International Electrotechnical field

strengthening the construction of standards can, on the one hand, reduce the cost of enterprise operation and development, ensure the quality of products and services, better meet the needs of customers, and establish a good brand and image; On the other hand, it can raise the threshold of market access and cultivate and create unique competitive advantages that competitors can't imitate. Once the enterprise standard rises to industry standard, national standard and even international standard, it will occupy a very favorable position in the domestic and international market competition, and win more development opportunities and broader market space. Standardization and internationalization of enterprises internationalization of enterprises has become an important strategy for enterprises to obtain a dominant position in international competition

facing the rare opportunity, while continuously promoting the research and development of UHV technology and equipment, the company took the lead in establishing a complete UHV transmission technology standard system in the world, including 77 standards in 7 categories of UHV AC technology standard system and 123 standards in 5 categories of UHV DC technology standard system. UHV AC 1000 kV voltage has become the international standard voltage

in addition, eight UHV working groups led by Chinese experts have been established by the International Commission on electricity and science and the association of electrical and electronic engineers, and are leading the preparation of relevant international standards. 38 Chinese experts have entered the working group of the International Commission on electricity and science and the international organization for Standardization. China has become a permanent member of the International Electrotechnical Commission. The two secretariats of the International Electrotechnical Commission are located in the State Grid Corporation of China. Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, served as the vice chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission

from the international standard receiver to the international standard setter, China will undoubtedly win the first opportunity in the global competition in the electrical industry

there is a broad market space for development

at present, the focus of China's energy development is gradually moving west and North, while the basic pattern of the load center in the eastern and central regions will not change for a long time. Large scale, long-distance transmission and large-scale optimal allocation of energy is a historical necessity. In addition, the contradiction of tight transportation of coal and electricity still exists. The bottleneck problem of power transmission in southwest hydropower, Inner Mongolia and Northwest China is becoming increasingly prominent, especially the rapid development of new energy. In 2020, the installed capacity of wind power will exceed 200million kW, and photovoltaic power generation will exceed 50million kW. We must rely on large power and large markets for optimal allocation and consumption

UHV power is conducive to realizing the optimal allocation of power resources in a wider range, saving line corridors and land resources, saving power construction investment and operation costs, reducing the impact of coal power on environmental pollution, and the voice of accelerating the construction of UHV power is rising day by day

in the next eight years, the development of UHV will accelerate greatly, and the electrical equipment manufacturing industry will also usher in a golden period of development, with a broad market development space. Domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises represented by Nari, XJ and Pinggao have the ability to apply UHV technology on a large scale, so that the technology can be quickly transformed into mass production, and are ready to invest in a new battle

At the same time, the development of UHV technology in China has attracted the attention of all countries in the world. India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and other countries have put forward plans or plans to use UHV technology for long-distance and large-scale transmission. Enterprises or organizations in the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions have also strengthened cooperation with China in UHV transmission technology. In February, 2010, Shenyang TBEA Co., Ltd. successfully won the UHV transmission and transformation equipment procurement contract of more than US $100million from State Power Corporation of India. This is not only the first time that India purchases UHV transmission and transformation engineering equipment from Chinese enterprises, but also the first time that Chinese enterprises batch export UHV transmission and transformation high-end products to foreign countries

looking at the world, energy science and technology innovation is in a new active period. Leading now does not mean leading forever. If any enterprise wants to take the initiative in this competition, it can only form a close chain between basic research, technology research and development, achievement transformation and industrialized operation, and do a good job in all aspects, so as to unite all forces and always

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