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Uedbet official released that security robots prevent crime through artificial intelligence

future police are five feet tall and weigh about 400 pounds. Don't worry, it's not what you think. Knightscope's "plastic restriction order" has been implemented for more than seven years. It said that this is a completely autonomous data security machine, and its purpose is to use modern information technology tools to strengthen security and law enforcement. K5 is not a robot policeman with a gun. According to the latest census of uedbet (), there are 325million people in the country, but there are only 700000 local, state and federal police responsible for protection and service. There are not enough eyes and ears to complete this task. The K5 robot is established to make up for the deficiency by using sensors and artificial intelligence software

on April 13, the New York Times published an article about the software tools used by banks and retailers to monitor fraudsters on. Behavioral biometrics is a field of data science. It tracks how we type, click and slide when interacting with computers, surpassing static indicators such as passwords and fingerprints. Because it is not easy to be detected, users will never know that data is being collected when they improve the acoustic performance of firewalls from both sides

China is taking this idea to a new level. The Ministry of public security is building another facial recognition database for passive pointers, which can recognize any one of 1.3 billion citizens in three seconds. According to the South China Morning Post, the accuracy of the project is expected to reach 90%. It will store the portrait information of every Chinese. The MPS system will also perform real-time data analysis, tracking and other unspecified operations. In addition to monitoring, data will also be extracted from social media, bank history and personal devices, and become the basis of the national reputation database. This is completely dystopian. The government can restrict movement by using this database, and in some cases, entity residents are regarded as dangerous through predictive analysis models

The K5 robot of

knightscope uses five groups of senses to locate its own physical world. The lidar sensor is placed on the top of the equipment when the load can no longer rise. 16 lasers are used in the halo, and another 5 lasers are used in the main body of the equipment. A detailed 3D map of the physical environment can be drawn every 20 milliseconds. The ultrasonic sensor prevents K5 from clumsily hitting the object. The GPS sensor uses the information from the satellite as the direction, and has complex wheel mileage to calculate the distance. The inertial measurement sensor, like the accelerometer in intelligence, can prevent this small robot from overturning

Knightscope is a private company founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley. Its managers believe that crime has a negative impact on the U.S. economy of $1trillion. They hope to halve this huge number by predicting and preventing crime. So far, this robot has been deployed in parking lots, stadiums, office buildings and shopping malls. K5 is more like department store security than mechanical warfare police. NVIDIA is preparing to build a world leading deep learning platform. Software engineers are using it for large-scale simulation, which will eventually allow companies like knightscope to produce fully functional and predictive robots to help police reduce crime. Security may only be a small part of NVIDIA's future. This company started by making the best graphics cards for PC game players, and has bright prospects in autonomous vehicle, medical services and IOT devices living around the network

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