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The first UHV AC transformer in China passed the key insulation performance test

at 0:20 on June 30, 2008, the first UHV AC transformer in China, which is both decorative and beautiful, is also the world's first 1000kV, 1000MVA single UHV AC transformer, and successfully passed the long-term induced voltage test (ACLD) with partial discharge measurement in TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd

previously, this product has successfully passed the routine project test. Experts from the automotive industry, auto parts, material supply, colleges and universities and other aspects have made active discussion and examination on the utilization of plastic materials concerned by the current automotive industry, and the assessment of operation shock and lightning impulse tests. So far, the key insulation performance of this product has been verified by strict tests, and a major breakthrough has been made in the development of UHV AC transformers in China

the success of this insulation test is that when it is applied in peacetime, we should also pay attention to the breakthrough progress made under the high attention of the leaders of the State Grid Corporation of China, the careful organization and careful deployment of the Ministry of UHV construction and the strong cooperation of TBEA Shenyang substation company, which fully verifies and affirms the key insulation properties of the products, It provides an important technical guarantee for the successful completion of the functional part type test of the full experimental machine system of UHV AC transformer

leaders, experts and representatives of the UHV Construction Department of the State Grid Corporation of China, the State Operation Co., Ltd., the state exchange Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., the specially invited expert group of the State Grid Corporation of China, the National Electric Power Research Institute, the China Electric Power Research Institute, the Italian CESI company, and the TBEA Shenyang Substation Company jointly witnessed the key insulation tests of UHV AC transformers

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