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UHV DC converter valve is expected to change the global DC transmission equipment market pattern

on August 15, the Department of energy conservation and scientific and technological equipment of the National Energy Administration hosted a technical appraisal meeting for new products of 800 kV/4750 a UHV DC converter valve independently developed by the China Electric Power Research Institute in Beijing. Representatives from the power department, science and Technology Department of the national energy administration and the Ministry of industry and information technology attended the meeting. The appraisal committee composed of 16 experts, including five academicians Lu Qiang, Yang Qisun, Zheng Jianchao, Cheng Shijie and Lei Qingquan, agreed that cetca has mastered the core design, complete set integration and complete set test technology of UHV DC converter valve, and the developed a5000 800 kV/4750 a UHV DC converter valve module and valve tower have passed the verification of all type test items specified in IEC and gb/t 20990.1 standards, It has completely independent intellectual property rights. The product performance is excellent, the overall technical indicators are in the international leading position, the overall technical performance has reached the international advanced level, its design and manufacturing process has realized the process, standardization and standardization, the production and manufacturing process can not be pried by tools and other dangerous methods, and the tooling and testing capacity can meet the requirements of large-scale production; The engineering application conditions have been met, and it is recommended to carry out large-scale production as soon as possible

independent innovation solves world problems

today, with the large-scale development of renewable energy in China, DC transmission technology, as an indispensable element of building a strong and smart electricity, is increasingly receiving widespread attention. At present, China has built eight DC transmission projects, but the core equipment of DC transmission, DC converter valve, has been relying on imports for a long time, and has not really formed independent research and development capacity

DC converter valve is a kind of high-power power electronic equipment used for AC/DC conversion in DC transmission lines. It is the core technical equipment of DC transmission projects. Its dependence on imports has seriously hindered the application of DC transmission equipment, especially based on the further development of high-capacity DC transmission technology in China and the proportion of height and diameter of cast iron compact specimens is 2:1, It is difficult for China to change from a DC power to a DC power

in 2004, relying on 9 major scientific research projects including the national 11th Five Year Plan for scientific and technological support and the key scientific and technological research projects of the State Power Corporation, the Chinese Academy of electrical sciences began its independent research and development work based on the 6-inch thyristor UHV DC converter valve. On the basis of inheriting more than ten years of research on Flexible AC transmission technology, after less than six years of concentrated research, China Electric Power Research Institute has independently developed, designed and built a DC converter valve test facility that can carry out all type tests and operation tests for 1000 kV voltage level and 5000 ampere current level converter valves. On this basis, the electrical characteristics of DC converter valves, numerical analysis of multiple physical fields, complete sets of electrical design technology Major breakthroughs have been made in complete structural design technology, trigger monitoring technology, key parts development and converter valve integration technology, while the development cycle of similar foreign products is usually 10 years. Among them, the research on the complete set of electrical characteristics of UHV converter valve based on 6-inch thyristor and the numerical analysis of multiple physical fields of UHV converter valve are the first systematic breakthroughs in China

at present, the key test items of the converter valve product type test have been witnessed by Kema (Netherlands Electric Power Testing Institute), an international authoritative testing institution, in accordance with IEC standards, and passed the on-site witness of 7 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences on June 30. Recently, it has also successfully obtained the product certification certificate issued by the third-party professional certification agency electric energy (Beijing) Product Certification Center (PCCC), which is specialized in electromechanical products in the power industry, laying a good foundation for the market promotion of this product

at present, cetca has applied for 6 international patents and 200 national patents in UHV converter valves. Experts from the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences told that compared with the 5-inch thyristor DC converter valve currently widely used in China, the flow capacity of the UHV DC converter valve with completely independent intellectual property rights developed by the Chinese Academy of electrical sciences can be increased from more than 3000 amps to 4750 amps, which increases the transmission capacity of the line by 150% and reduces the cost by 25%. It can be said that through independent innovation, cetca has fully mastered the core technology and process of DC converter valve R & D, design and manufacturing, has completely independent intellectual property rights, and has realized the localization of DC converter valve equipment in the real sense. It has become the third enterprise in the world to master and own the design, manufacturing and testing technology of UHV DC converter valve after ABB in Switzerland and Siemens in Germany

it is expected to change the global market pattern of DC transmission equipment

by 2015, State Grid Corporation of China alone has planned 12 high voltage/UHV DC transmission projects, with a total investment scale of more than 220 billion yuan. Therefore, the industrial application of 800 kV/4750 a UHVDC converter valve products can not only meet the needs of China's smart electricity construction, drive the upgrading of downstream industries such as semiconductors, machinery and materials, and create significant economic benefits; It will also completely break the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises on major DC transmission equipment and realize the transformation of China's major equipment manufacturing industry from made in China to created in China

The successful development of the 800 kV/4750 amp UHVDC converter valve is of great strategic significance. It will completely break the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises on major DC transmission equipment. At the same time, it is greatly mentioned that 1. The experimental machine must have three elements: improving the competitiveness of domestic equipment in domestic and foreign markets, which can create significant economic benefits for the country. With the help and guidance of academicians, leaders and experts, we will continue to adhere to independent innovation, give full play to the driving force of industry, create a green power production chain, power consumption chain and power core equipment chain, and help promote the construction of strong smart electricity, so that the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences is really forming a leading core technology, advanced technical standards and first-class testing capability in the field of UHV DC converter valves, Provide strong technical support for the construction of a strong and three excellent modern national power company. Zhang Wenliang, President of the Chinese Academy of electrical technology, said

according to him, in the next step, China electric power academy will give full play to the existing world-class type test production capacity of UHV DC converter valves that can meet the construction needs of two UHV projects at the same time within one year, strive to promote the full industrialization of UHV DC converter valves, and create a high-tech major power equipment industry with UHV DC converter valves as the core competitive advantage, so as to break the market monopoly of international multinational companies. It is estimated that after the technology is fully put into use, the overall construction, operation and maintenance costs of strong smart electricity in China will be reduced by more than 10 billion yuan in the next 10 years alone; After the product is exported, it will completely change the global market pattern of DC transmission equipment and have a significant and far-reaching impact on the world

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