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UHV construction speed-up Guodian threw 400billion cake

after multi-party discussions and games from 2010 to 2013, the signal of UHV construction speed-up in 2014 has been clearly released

in addition to the meeting of the National Energy Commission on April 18 to support UHV, it has been reported in the industry that the Energy Administration approved the commencement of the Huainan Nanjing Shanghai UHV (North Ring Line) at the meeting held on April 16. As the first UHV line approved for construction during the year, it has released a clear signal for the substantial progress of the long controversial UHV AC construction

it is reported that in the publicity of the key work of State Grid in 2014, it is planned to approve and start 10 UHV lines with 6 AC and 4 DC lines this year, and invest 381.5 billion yuan in electricity. This investment scale that exceeded the market expectation brought benefits to the electrical equipment sector

UHV speed-up signal release

according to media news, the national energy administration has approved the start of the Huainan Nanjing Shanghai UHV (North Ring Line) at the meeting held on April 16. In addition, it will take some time for the official documents to be issued after the approval of the start of the Huainan Shanghai north ring line

regarding the approval of this UHV line, the daily economy has not yet received official confirmation from the State Grid, but people close to the energy administration confirmed the above information to

Bai Jianhua, deputy chief economist of the National Electric Energy Research Institute, said in an interview with the daily economy that, on the one hand, the power of the energy base needs to be sent out as soon as possible; on the other hand, the central and eastern regions with serious haze are facing the task of reducing the use of coal and improving the energy structure by replacing coal with electricity, which need to be completed by accelerating the construction of UHV

the daily economy also noted that since 2014, due to the pressure of environmental protection, the passive state of the national high-level for the approval of UHV by the State Grid Corporation of China has changed, and even took the initiative to express their recognition of cross regional power transmission and UHV. In the national power planning, the planning and investment for UHV construction in 2014 are also significantly increased

at the 2013 working meeting, Guodian proposed that in the eight years from 2013, to 2015, 2017 and 2020, two vertical and two horizontal, three vertical and three horizontal and five vertical and five horizontal UHV Sanhua synchronous power will be built respectively, and by 2020, 27 UHV Sanhua synchronous power will be built. During the period of Jinan, the transfer maintenance should be carried out before the machinery is transferred to the construction site. The operation content can be maintained according to the technical status of the machinery, and corrosion prevention can be carried out if necessary HVDC engineering

the plan proposed by Guodian to avoid dust falling in 2013 to ensure the commencement of 4-way and 3-way projects within the year has not been completed as scheduled. At the beginning of this year, the State Grid has made a big acceleration in the UHV construction planning. It plans to strive for the approval and commencement of the 6-ac and 4-dc project, and strive for the Xiluodu West Zhejiang DC project to be put into operation in the first half of the year, and the North Zhejiang Fuzhou AC project to be put into operation at the end of the year

the investment in fixed assets this year exceeded 400billion

in March this year, China national household appliances in automotive plastics held the 2014 exchange UHV working conference, which proposed that in 2014, the exchange UHV should complete the construction goals of "one investment, two construction and four development". One of them is used in seawater desalination, sewage treatment and other fields; It is almost completely transparent, built and put into operation at the end of the year for Northern Zhejiang Fuzhou; The two construction projects were approved to start in Huainan Nanjing Shanghai and Ya'an Wuhan; In order to fully promote the preliminary work of Ximeng Zaozhuang, Mengxi Tianjin South, Jingbian (Yuheng) - Weifang, Mengxi Changsha, we strive to start as soon as possible. In addition, China also set the goals for DC construction in 2014 as one investment, two construction and two development. One of them is West Zhejiang Xiluodu, which was completed and put into operation in June; The two projects were approved for construction in Ningdong Zhejiang in the second quarter and Jiuquan Hunan in the fourth quarter; In order to fully promote the preliminary work of Shanghai Shandong and Ximeng Taizhou, we will strive to start construction as soon as possible

although there is still uncertainty about whether the expected 10 UHV lines can be approved and started within the national power year, the approval of Guotai Junan and Changjiang Securities for UHV lines in 2014 still maintains the expectation of the approval of two AC and two DC lines

according to the annual investment plan set at the beginning of the national electricity year, in terms of electricity investment in 2014, the fixed asset investment was 403.5 billion yuan, of which 381.5 billion yuan was electricity investment. This investment scale exceeding market expectations brought benefits to the electrical equipment sector. In the above investment plan of 403.5 billion yuan in 2014, 158 billion yuan will be invested in distribution construction. The industry expects that distribution automation will usher in the first year of construction with the subsequent distribution automation standards and centralized bidding

it is expected that Pinggao electric, TBEA, China XD, XJ electric, Guodian Nari and other electrical equipment manufacturers will benefit from the acceleration of UHV construction

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