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Shanghai automobile maintenance industry air pollutant emission standard released

Shanghai automobile maintenance industry air pollutant emission standard released

April 14, 2021

recently, Shanghai issued the emission standard of air pollutants for automobile maintenance industry (DB31/). The full text is as follows:

policy interpretation of the emission standard of air pollutants for automobile maintenance industry

I. background of standard formulation it is said that the automobile maintenance industry is an important emission source of air pollutants in urban life. The coatings used in the process of vehicle maintenance will produce volatile organic matter, particulate matter and other pollutants. At present, there is no national and municipal emission standard of air pollutants for this industry. There are more than 5000 automobile maintenance enterprises in the city, with an annual VOC emission of about 3789 tons. The enterprises are scattered, and some are adjacent to residential areas, which has a great impact on the lives of surrounding residents, so further control measures need to be taken. The city also launched a round of comprehensive improvement of the automobile maintenance industry in 2016, which laid a foundation for the automobile maintenance industry to further improve the emission requirements. At present, Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places have successively issued air pollutant emission standards for the auto repair industry. In order to effectively control the emission of air pollutants from the automobile maintenance industry, deepen the control of PM2 5 and ozone to further improve the requirements of fine management for high-quality development in this city. It is necessary to formulate this standard

II. Standard formulation process since the formulation of the standard, the Municipal Bureau of ecological environment has held meetings for many times to listen to the opinions and suggestions of relevant departments, enterprises and experts, and published the full text of the standard on the website from July 16 to August 15, 2020 to solicit the opinions of the public. At the same time, the opinions of the Ministry of ecological environment, the municipal market supervision bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the municipal road traffic administration and other relevant commissions and bureaus, the automobile repair industry association and other industry organizations and automobile repair enterprises were solicited in writing. The Municipal Bureau of ecological environment and the Municipal Bureau of market supervision organized and held an expert technical review meeting on November 10, 2020 and passed it

III. applicable objects and main contents of the standard. The applicable objects of the standard include enterprises engaged in automobile repair, maintenance and maintenance services. In this standard, automobile maintenance enterprises refer to automobile maintenance enterprises that meet the requirements of GB/T 16739.1 or GB/T 16739.2 and include painting process. Excluding enterprises engaged in the maintenance of dangerous goods transport vehicles such as oil tank vehicles and chemical transport vehicles. The main contents include the requirements for the content limit of volatile organic compounds in coatings under construction, the requirements for the organized emission limit of benzene, benzene series, non methane total hydrocarbons and particles, the requirements for the unorganized emission limit of non methane total hydrocarbons, process measures and unorganized control requirements

IV. standard limits: the standard specifies the VOC content limits (including primer, medium paint, paint and varnish), organized emission concentration limits of air pollutants (benzene, benzene series, non methane total hydrocarbon and particulate matter) and unorganized emission concentration limits (non methane total hydrocarbon at any monitoring point in the plant). Compared with the current standards, the limits of various pollutants are tightened to varying degrees, Among them, particulate matter is tightened by 50%, benzene is tightened by 50%, benzene series is tightened by 75%, and non methane total hydrocarbon is tightened by about 71%. The standard limits are among the most stringent at home and abroad. In addition, for the paint of auto repair paint, it is proposed to adopt water-based paint, and the relevant requirements of high solid paint for primer, intermediate coat and varnish are also among the most stringent at home and abroad

v. implementation time of the standard in terms of implementation time, considering the time required for opinion collection and standard raising and transformation of automobile maintenance enterprises in this city, it can only be directly treated as garbage. New enterprises shall implement it from the date of implementation of the standard, and existing enterprises shall be given a transformation transition period of about half a year from the date of implementation of this standard to December 31, 2021

VI. the implementation and of the standard is also applicable to the supervision of teaching demonstration in Colleges and technical secondary schools. The municipal and district competent departments of ecological environment are responsible for the supervision and implementation of this standard

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