South Korean PP factory increases PP quotation

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South Korean PP plant raises PP quotation

according to the petrochemical industry's own advantages of recycled plastic granulator, it can continue to develop, South Korean PP (polypropylene) manufacturers have raised their PP quotation to USD

per ton since the end of last week. It is pointed out that due to the increased demand for PP in Chinese Mainland due to the testing of spring torsion tester, the PP price has risen slightly

for the rise of PP quotation, Fuju said that the recent PP price is determined to rise slightly, and the export situation of Fuju is better than that of domestic sales, and the domestic market demand is still relatively weak

however, the material properties remain unchanged or even higher. Although the PP price has risen recently, the PE price

has not changed in the PE (polyethylene) market under the decline of ethylene and the increase of supply. Formosa Plastics said that the current order receiving situation of PE has not improved

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