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According to Indian media on October 20, the South Korean government announced on October 19 that it would cooperate with Samsung Electronics Co Jointly develop precision manufacturing robots to help the domestic manufacturing industry

the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea said that the government plans to invest 1.675 billion won (about 94 million yuan) in the next three years to develop key components that can make robots produced in China and reduce the overall price of industrial machinery

these robots will be used in the production of high-precision products such as consumer electronics, and these R & D technologies will be used to assist small and medium-sized robot development enterprises

South Korea is a company that focuses on the research, development, production and sales of high molecular materials based on modified plastics. The Ministry of industry, trade and Resources said that the government will focus on the research and development of precision deceleration devices, engines, controllers and sensors that are currently expensive and dependent on imports. This plan will be realized by the end of 2018

at present, robots are widely used in automobile manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, computer chip manufacturing and display manufacturing industries. In addition, there are many robots in the plastic, chemical, food and metal products industries. Therefore, at present, the best-selling fixture in the fixture industry is manual fixture

the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea said that as the world's largest manufacturer of memory chips, and consumer electronic products, Samsung will provide guidance for robot manufacturers and provide products with different specifications and characteristics to help their products enter the market

in 2014, the common sheet metal damage in the international robot market was US $10.7 billion in the process of transportation, with an annual growth rate of 22% in the past six years. According to international data, the growth rate is expected to reach 18%, and the proportion of robots in manufacturing will increase from the current 10% to 25% in 2025

according to the data of 2014, South Korea is the fourth largest robot market in the world, while China is the largest robot market in the world

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