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"Deji premium products" has been designing products for marketing, constantly pursuing innovation and self-improvement

where there is a house, it needs to be decorated, and where there is decoration, it needs doors and windows. However, in recent years, with the continuous slowdown of real estate, the profit space of the traditional door and window market has been gradually compressed, which is allowing door and window manufacturers to seek new selling points in the transformation. In 2014, as a high-end door and window brand, Deji premium doors and windows focused on the R & D and pre production of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the exploration road of transformation and upgrading to high-end doors and windows. After three years, German technology excellent doors and windows have made remarkable achievements

maybe many people have heard of high-end doors and windows, but they don't know them very well. The impression of high-end doors and windows is the word "expensive". However, high-end doors and windows are actually a comprehensive reflection of product quality, brand scale and production capacity. If it is not high-end doors and windows, it must be a reflection of high prices. If the manufacturer's products are too expensive, it will not only compress the profits of franchisees, but also make it more difficult to develop the local market. Lei Shaojun, the director of Deji Youpin doors and windows, and Niu Fangyun, the Deputy Secretary General of Foshan doors and windows industry association, pointed out that the root of "Foshan doors and windows" product sales is to do a good job in the three factors of "low price, high quality and good reputation"

in recent years, "Deji premium products" has been designing products for marketing, constantly pursuing innovation and self-improvement. However, with the changing market environment, fierce competition among the same industry, and the strength of all enterprises are equal. In order to win the first place in the market, German technology high-quality doors and windows should do a good job in the products, build a good reputation and provide customer service in place

at present, Deji superior doors and windows has a production base of 100000 square meters, with an annual output of up to 1million square meters, an annual output value of up to 400 million yuan, more than 300 franchise stores around the country, and in-depth layout in many provincial capital cities. Regardless of product quality, brand image, and core technology, Deji superior doors and windows meet the high-end door and window brand standards. At the same time, Deji superior doors and windows adhere to the principle of making profits to franchisees and consumers, and have continued not to increase prices for many years





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