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At the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the window industry and the 15th anniversary of China's world door Expo, due to the severe homogenization and the doubt of low added value, door and window brand companies are seeking high-quality products, but the profit space is gradually being compressed. Appropriate profit space can ensure the benign development of the company. According to relevant statistics, there are more than 3000 large and small door and window brand companies in the mall. The surge in the number of companies will make the competition more intense. How to improve and win interest rates has become the key for the company to think. Today, the industry can generally summarize two ways to carry out: first, to carry out the functionalization and high-end development of doors and windows, to occupy the mall by expanding the categories of doors, and to improve the added value by high-end. The second is to transform to whole wood home decoration and whole house customization, and diversify commodity lines to meet the supporting needs of shopping malls for the decoration of the whole house. There is a sound in the industry that because the win rate of general doors and windows is not high, it is the sesame on the sunshine Avenue that the company carries out, and the whole wood home decoration is the watermelon. Is this really the case

the whole wood home decoration is probably a pit

if from the perspective of the profit space of the whole wood home decoration, there is no doubt about the planning and expected development of the door and window brand company, and it is understandable to want to rely on the bundling to improve the company's profit. At the 15th China (Beijing) world door Expo 2016, brands with the banner of bundling were everywhere, but now the skills of bundling are still incomplete, and the professional rules are not clear. Any company interested in this can only taste it, and if it wants to enter, it must have a stronger physique or have more capital. There is only one time-honored Chinese company in the professional circle. Qingdao Yimu is the company that entered the bundling mall earlier in the door and window industry. Through six or seven years of planning and operation, bundling accounts for only more than 30% of the sales of the whole company. If the bundling mall is really a sunrise industry, which can save the doors and windows from fire and water, why has the company still been fighting for each other for many years, instead of vigorously expanding the mall? This involves a major decision: facing the opportunity of profit and value-added, does the company request to specialize in long-term shopping malls or to strive for current profits in a large and all-round way? Both of them want to do well. Maybe it's the description of some companies' mentality. Those who have made doors and windows want to do wall guards. When the wall guards are done, they also want to have more bookcases. When the bookcase is up, they start to miss the wardrobe and wine cabinet... There's nothing about wood that can't be done. Under the limited production capacity, keep in mind that the little monkey in "little monkey breaking corn" is "waving" to these companies

in short, bundling is a customized commodity, which requires outstanding and useful communication with customers in the early stage, personalized customization, and it is impossible to mass produce. Especially in the absence of professional norms, the development has great limitations and cannot be blindly expanded. Just imagine that if the company blindly expands the mall, the rear planning and productivity can't keep up, which will bring trouble to all dealers and affect the reputation of the brand. If a door and window brand company wants to make a difference in the bundling mall, it must do its main business well first, otherwise, how can Mao attach to it if the skin doesn't exist

can home decoration be the main business?

whether the brand is XX doors and windows or XX wood industry, it is door and window commodities that establish public praise and deposit customers at the beginning of the development, which is the cognition of the mall to the brand and the foundation of the business for door enterprises. This is not easy to change the brand name into XX whole house customization. Nowadays, the diversified operation of the company is not uncommon. It seems that Xiaomi has a very rich commodity line from making mobile phones to entering smart home shopping malls. As a company, there are several common shapes to pursue diversified operations: one is that the company has the spare power to use its own resources to plan in relevant areas. In short, after the industry has established its position, some people have the money and energy to open up new shopping malls, with a little "play" mentality. Success is the aging in the new shopping malls, and if it fails, it will not hurt. The second is that the current situation is not enough to expand the surplus, and the company urgently needs to boldly attack new malls. This situation is extremely dangerous. If it is not done well, the profits that will fall have not expanded, but have affected the development of the main body. In the end, there is a worse situation. The company itself is already in danger. If you want to touch fate in another mall, you don't know what to do. You can only touch fate with the crowd. Which brand of door and window companies do you want to play with bundling

the door and window profession in the development period had excellent prospects, which was far from as depressed as some professionals thought. By 2014, China's urban population has reached 700million. According to speculation, in the future 2020, China's urbanization rate will reach 60%, which means that China will add 170million new urban population, and the acceleration of urbanization construction will also stimulate the rise of a large number of real estate. According to relevant statistics, China's households have an average reinstallation cycle of 8-15 years, which means that a large wave of improvement needs to attack collectively, especially with regard to the replacement of marketable goods such as doors and windows, which also makes doors and windows shopping malls still have many business opportunities, and the addition of shipments can continue for a long time. In the planning process of the expansion and high-end of door and window categories, it is bound to be accompanied by the withdrawal of a number of small companies. As long as the door and window brands that hold and carry out the main business can occupy a larger market

sesame is still a watermelon. Smart people have a scale in their hearts.

if the output value of the door and window brand company is likened to a wooden barrel, although the winning rate of the door and window profession is generally low nowadays, and it has become a "sesame" in the mall, the amount of sesame that can be put in the wooden barrel is large, and the total amount is amazing. The whole wood home decoration looks like a "watermelon", but oneortwo of them are full in the barrel. When I want to pick them up again, I find myself in a dilemma that I can't bear. Sesame twists and turns, but the fragrance overflows, but watermelon can only quench the thirst for a moment. In addition, the initial investment cost of the new career category touched by bundling is high, and there are still questions about the lack of norms, high error rate and low recovery rate. It is said that 2016 will be a year when the door and window profession will break. The company should focus on how to add the added value of doors and windows to improve the profit rate, rather than throwing away sesame seeds and blindly chasing watermelon

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