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[industrial exhibition] Shanghai teylon: polysulfonamide tooling appeared in this exhibition. Shanghai teylon Fiber Co., Ltd. brought the newly developed polysulfonamide tooling. Polysulfone fiber is an organic high-temperature resistant fiber with independent intellectual property rights, which has been developed by the Textile Science Research Institute and the synthetic fiber research institute under Shanghai Textile Group after stripping from the agrochemical sector

according to wangfenghua, the sales manager of the company, "the polysulfone fiber developed by the company does not contain or only contains a very small amount of formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenol, organotin compounds and other harmful substances, and has obtained the Oeko tex 100 clas and so on S 2 eco-friendly textile certificate. However, the fiber with high price can be in direct contact with the skin. The polysulfone fiber can be dyed under high temperature and pressure, which is very suitable for application in the field of protective clothing." It is understood that polysulfone fiber has a certain heat and moisture conductivity, which is conducive to heat loss and sweat evaporation of human body, so it is widely used in protective products. In addition, polysulfonamide fibers also play an important role in the fields of filter materials, electrical insulation materials, friction materials and high-performance organic materials

wangfenghua said: "the aramid protective clothing displayed by the company at this exhibition was designed and developed by Shanghai Textile Research Institute and the clothing College of Donghua University according to the working characteristics of special industries." He said: "the polysulfone thermal protective clothing can maintain the original appearance of the product under high temperature conditions without shrinkage, melting and brittle carbonization. In addition, the polysulfone thermal protective clothing is light, comfortable and soft, and will not hinder the wearer's action. The polysulfone fiber is an ideal material for making thermal protective products."

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