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Industrial Ethernet technology EtherCAT has been supported by many drive enterprises

at present, 40 manufacturers are preparing or have announced to bring their high-performance EtherCAT servo drive products to the market. The support from these manufacturers clearly shows that EtherCAT has become a leading communication technology in the field of motion control: no other industrial Ethernet technology can have so many product supply markets when the cross-section of drive manufacturers increases

ethercat technology sets a new standard for real-time performance and flexible topology, and can also meet users' requirements for low cost. EtherCAT has high-precision device synchronization and provides cable redundancy and functional safety protocol (sil3). EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is an international neutral organization, which was established in November, 2003. For those with large rubber elongation from multiple industrial fields, the end user of large deformation test frame and leading automation equipment supplier are members of the organization to jointly support, promote and promote the development of EtherCAT technology. At present, ETG has been supported by 920 member companies from 44 countries. ETG has developed into the largest and fastest-growing Industrial Ethernet Technology Organization in the world

the booth of ETG at the 2008 Nuremberg sps/ipc/drives exhibition best proved the success of EtherCAT technology. Higher simultaneous performance, lower cost and flexible topology are the fundamental reasons why many servo manufacturers and their users choose EtherCAT technology. EtherCAT's distributed clock mechanism makes it possible to achieve accurate drive synchronization without installing any special hardware on the master station. Many motion control manufacturers have decided to use EtherCAT as their system communication bus

however, the research and development of EtherCAT is not limited to the field of motion control. It is also applicable to the application of sensors and i/o. With EtherCAT, multiple traditional fieldbus systems can be quickly replaced. EtherCAT products from 40 servo drive manufacturers in 13 countries have surpassed the application of field bus system for motion control in recent decades by measuring the reduction of density before and after friction (or the reduction of coating thickness) - EtherCAT has gradually become the world's leading motion control standard. In fact, more manufacturers are still in the development process of EtherCAT servo drive, but have not publicly announced new products. At sps/ipc/drives, ETG booth has shown the application of different products from multiple manufacturers working together in the same EtherCAT system. In addition, 170 EtherCAT products from 59 companies were exhibited at the booth

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