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North China industrial control: ai+ intelligent UAV, creating a real-time epidemic early warning and monitoring system

less going out and wearing masks; The anti new crown, flexible and mobile UAV with temperature alarm flies slowly over the community, while using infrared thermal imaging technology to monitor the ground environment in real time, while shouting to people. The intelligent performance is very eye-catching, and also provides effective assistance for epidemic monitoring


recently, an intelligent UAV epidemic warning and monitoring system has attracted much attention. It takes the UAV as the flight platform, uses computer technology, image intelligent big data technology and high-resolution camera system, etc., can monitor various environments such as squares and residential areas in real time, and publicizes information through the call system. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency and high visibility, and plays an important role in further strengthening the management and application of modern video monitoring

intelligent UAV for epidemic monitoring and early warning

it is reported that this intelligent UAV is mainly composed of flight control platform, ground station (image processing platform, computer, data transmission radio, etc.), which can obtain high-definition image information by using high-resolution camera system, and can achieve trajectory planning, information data processing and all-round real-time video monitoring by using one or more embedded computer software and hardware, Information sharing can also be realized through the interconnection of the ground control center, which is a powerful supplement to the existing monitoring resources

ai technology is changing with each passing day, and unmanned aerial vehicles combined with computer technology begin to move towards intelligence. As the control center of the UAV system, the ground station is mainly used outdoors with complex environmental conditions. Therefore, the manufacturer must select computer products with better quality and environmental applicability and higher performance to provide hardware support. In this process, North China industrial control has a number of embedded computer product solutions to meet its performance requirements


North China industrial control believes that according to the characteristics of UAV, in addition to the quality of UAV and the high reliability of ground station control system, the embedded computer used should also be excellent in multimedia display, audio/video output and data processing

01. North China industrial control's embedded AI motherboard product scheme

based on a variety of intelligent application requirements of UAVs, North China industrial control adopts artificial intelligence technology and intelligent cores such as Hisilicon, Intel, and NXP. In this way, the system is completed. The matching parameters of queries and documents have a great impact on the layering of composite special drill bits. A number of embedded AI industrial motherboards made with low-cost spoke sensors are not only small in size, compact in structure It is highly integrated and equipped with rich interfaces. The all in one design has excellent image processing capability and audio/video codec capability. It has onboard high-speed memory, low power consumption and excellent performance. It can be widely used in UAV, multimedia display and other professional fields

02. North China industrial control's embedded quasi system product scheme

based on the outdoor operation characteristics of UAVs, most of the embedded quasi systems that North China industrial control can apply are fan free design, with low power consumption, high efficiency, good durability and heat dissipation, meeting the higher requirements of UAV Ground Station Control Center on system operation speed, sensitivity, stability and anti-interference, and supporting big data transmission, Support multiple intelligent application extensions of UAV

science and technology change life. As a leading special-purpose computer supplier in the industry, North China industrial control has always been committed to creating high-quality, high-performance, flexible and customizable embedded computer product solutions for customers

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