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Industrial computer: promote application innovation with open standards

from the first generation STD bus industrial control computer in the 1980s, the second generation PC based industrial control computer in the 1990s, to today's atca/cpci bus technology, the development of industrial computers in China has made considerable progress. In this development process, the application of industrial computers has also been diversified, especially with the promotion of 3G services and the integration of various communication and networking technologies, it is no longer simply limited to the application in the field of industrial automation. So, how will industrial computers develop in the future

in order to promote the development of industrial computers and seek the development opportunity of the next generation of industrial computers, the Chinese computer industry association picmg/p.r.c and the industrial computer special committee of the Chinese Computer Society held the "8th China PICMG Technology Annual Conference and China Industrial Computer Development Forum" in Beijing. This time, with the theme of "integrating platforms to accelerate application innovation", it discussed how to make enterprises find technologies more suitable for development, And the new trend of industrial computer technology in the future

application diversification under new opportunities

"In the future, power generation, distribution and transmission will be monitored by smart electricity, and the smart electricity system can be connected with your black box through interconnection. This black box is actually a computer, which can be connected to all the electrical equipment in your home. The future electricity will be quoted in real time, and your black box will automatically receive the electricity quotation. When the electricity price is too high, you can stop your air conditioning every 10 minutes for 2 minutes Turn off the refrigerator every 10 minutes for 2 minutes. Your rechargeable battery car starts charging at 12:00 p.m. Through the black box, every household can reduce the use of electricity by about 28%, and flatten the curve of the whole power consumption peak. We don't need to generate so much electricity in the future, and electricity can be used more effectively. " Hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech Greater China, said that this is part of Advantech's intelligent life, and all this is realized under the control of industrial computers

in the past, when it came to industrial computers, people often associated them with industrial automation. At present, industrial computers are not only used in the field of automation, but also in the fields of energy, telecommunications, medical treatment by combining the technologies of communication, networking, optoelectronics and semiconductors. According to Liuxin, President of picmg/p.r.c, China Computer Industry Association, said: "industrial computer has developed to this day. It is far from being a computer in a shell as we imagined in the past. Its shape and structure have undergone many changes, and its application is far beyond the field of industrial automation."

according to the statistics of China Computer Industry Association, the scale of China's industrial computer market exceeds 5.5 billion yuan (excluding application systems), and the export of industrial computers is about 200million US dollars

China's industrial revitalization and structural adjustment have also brought many opportunities to the development of industrial computers. Taking rail transit as an example, by 2008, China has built and put into operation about 800 kilometers of urban rail transit lines, while 25 cities' urban rail transit construction plans of more than 2500 kilometers have been approved by the state, which has brought huge market opportunities to industrial computers in the aspects of station ticketing system, vehicle mounted, detection, power supply, etc. Hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech Greater China, introduced that the revenue of Advantech China in the first three quarters of 2009 was the same as that of the U.S. market in the global overall revenue for the first time

The development of

technology also promotes the applicability of industrial applications and brings users a better experience. According to Liu Xin, in the past, when visiting the computer room of a telecommunications enterprise, the room was full of servers and switches, with connecting lines in the middle. It was impossible to identify which machine the connection was connected to. In the future, due to space constraints and convenient maintenance, the computer room of a telecom enterprise must be an ATCA platform, which combines boards, servers and switches to meet all the needs of users. However, these efforts have successfully achieved limited results in the production of solid, reliable and conductive bonding, and will play a more and more important role. Its design presents the characteristics of diversified and customized design, and the technical development further reflects the IP of network and hardware architecture

combination with embedded and cloud computing

combination with embedded and cloud computing technology has also become the focus of many industrial computer manufacturers. According to zhangjiahao, director of Advantech's embedded computing core business group, Advantech's "embedded core services" provide a complete set of solutions for embedded application developers, including various services from com board design services, SoC platform development to reinforcement and wide temperature design. The scope of such services covers various services from embedded motherboard, module to software services. Through this systematic matching design method, It can simplify the selection of design engineers in motherboard, BIOS, peripheral modules and other projects

cloud computing, as the most popular technology concept at present, will not be ignored by industrial computer manufacturers. Liu Xin said, "with the development of cloud computing technology, how to solve the problem of combining industrial computers with cloud computing must be an important research topic." Pengwenjin, chief engineer of dingtike electronics, also believes that "through a new technology such as cloud computing, we can integrate equipment, software and services, make multi integration a reality, and better meet the needs of users. This is also the reason why dingtike aims at the Gigabit Ethernet communication computing platform."

open standards

this year, the national plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the electronic information industry will promote the structural adjustment of the electronic information industry, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and make China develop from an information power to an information power. However, some enterprises have low profits and less R & D investment, which still lags far behind developed countries. In order to promote the optimization and upgrading of China's electronic information industry structure, it is a key to develop an integration platform based on open standards. Open standards is the trend of the world today, and it is also an opportunity for China to give full play to its late developing advantages and achieve transcendental development

at present, the state attaches great importance to standardization construction, and the industrial computer industry is also formulating corresponding standards. According to Liu Xin, "at present, there is no universal standard for industrial computers in the world. The standard we are working on is an open standard. We will absorb the universal standards in the world. For some standards that have not been formulated and circulated, we will first absorb the technical advantages of some manufacturers and integrate them into our standards." He also said that the integration platform based on open standards gives users the right to choose freely, ensures the interoperability between products of various manufacturers, and enables all competitors to compete on an equal footing in the market. Users will not be locked in a specific supplier, thus avoiding the monopoly of the automotive industry in the United States, Europe and Japan, which has largely used non-metallic materials to avoid production and use advanced large-scale circuits for circuit design. With open standards, users can also enhance the reliability and security of the system according to their own needs. In addition, the introduction of the integration platform based on open standards is not to abandon independent research and development, but to allow users to focus on the applications they are good at through appropriate integration, quickly establish system models and shorten the research and development cycle. (end)

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