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Industrial Design: the "Archimedes Fulcrum" made in China. Archimedes once said: give me a fulcrum, and I can pry up the whole earth. In the business competition in the new century, industrial design may be the fulcrum of China's consumer electronics industry

China's awakening of industrial design

the market has never lacked consumer demand. What is really lacking is innovative products to attract consumers. A good industrial design can not only help enterprises stand out from the competition, but also give enterprises a key to open the door of the market

on August 6, SHUAIKANG group announced that after winning the title of brand value in China's kitchen and bathroom industry twice in 2008 and 2009, SHUAIKANG won the third consecutive title in China's kitchen and bathroom industry with a value of 6.388 billion yuan this year

SHUAIKANG's success is largely due to its excellent industrial design. Its secret is that it turns a trivial operation room into a wonderful fashion kitchen: SHUAIKANG's audio-visual range hood can not only absorb all the lampblack, but also play TV and DVD. It also has MP3 music function, making kitchen life a kind of enjoyment; The SHUAIKANG linkage smoke stove with Bluetooth technology connects the smoke machine and the stove with high technology to form an intelligent induction. It can automatically turn on and off the smoke machine, eliminating the trouble of constantly turning on and off the smoke machine during cooking, and enjoying a new fashionable and convenient kitchen space

novel industrial design has the magic of turning stone into gold for the manufacturing industry. In fact, excellent industrial design has made some domestic brands stand on the top of the world. It is reported that with its perfect performance in the selection of the German red dot award, Haier laptop recently won the nomination of the 2011 Federal Republic of Germany design award

the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany is organized by the German Design Association and awarded by the German Federal Ministry of economy and technology. It is the highest level official design award in Germany. The nomination for this European design award shows that Haier computer's industrial design can keep pace with world-famous brands

for most enterprise managers, they realized the power of industrial design only after the economic crisis. In this regard, Zhu Tao, chairman of China Industrial Design Association, once said that as an important strategy to resist the financial crisis, it is necessary to upgrade and optimize the product and industrial structure, and the most basic way out is product design innovation

Zhu Tao said that as long as industrial design and scientific and technological innovation are integrated, powerful forces will often erupt. However, the financial crisis has awakened China's manufacturing industry, which has been in the cycle of introducing imitation mass production and then introducing imitation and then mass production and vicious price war, in its industrial design, trying to support independent innovation with industrial design

the last trump card of enterprise competition

industrial design is the design for manufacturing batch products. It includes the whole process of product external and internal design, and has the most direct impact on the appearance of products, the transaction and performance of the downstream building materials market in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the development of materials and manufacturing technology, and brand building

the practice of developed countries shows that industrial design has become one of the core driving forces of manufacturing competition. According to the relevant survey in Japan, the role of industrial design accounts for more than 70% in developing differentiated products, international famous brand products, increasing added value, increasing market share and creating star enterprises

according to the survey and statistics of the American Industrial Design Association, the sales revenue of American enterprises is 2500 dollars for every dollar invested in industrial design; Among the large enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion US dollars, the sales revenue of industrial design is even as high as 4000 US dollars for every US dollar invested

behind the simple data, there is a conclusion: industrial design capability will eventually evolve into the competitiveness of enterprises. Because of this, industrial design is regarded as the last trump card of enterprise competition

for China's consumer electronics industry, industrial design is becoming a new direction to catch up with. Because the current global consumer electronics market is full of a large number of goods with similar quality and no characteristics

as a result of homogenization, enterprises enter vicious price competition and their profits gradually decline. At the same time, homogenization also reflects a key problem, that is, it has become more and more difficult to achieve a breakthrough in competition by subversive technical means. The trend of homogenization competition has led to the transformation of products from technology oriented to user demand oriented

these changes have pushed industrial design to the forefront of competition. Just as Akio Morita, the former president of Sony, said that in the future, we believe that our competitors will have basically the same technology, similar product performance and even market price as us, and only design can distinguish them from our competitors

in fact, after household electrical products have changed from large durable consumer goods to fashionable consumer goods, the status of household electrical products in people's lives has also changed significantly. People no longer love those stupid, coarse and black products that have remained unchanged for more than ten years. More and more people begin to choose and buy them according to their personal preferences

with the deepening of the competition in the consumer electronics industry, the technological innovation ability of enterprises is constantly stimulated, and the speed of product upgrading is faster and faster. In addition, with the enhancement of people's consumption ability, electronic products are no longer simple durable consumer goods. While meeting the performance requirements of consumers, consumer electronic products have increasingly become works of art embellishing modern life. People begin to choose them like beautiful clothes

China's industrial design is still in its adolescence

for China, a major manufacturing country in the world, the development of industrial design is an important way to realize the transformation from made in China to created in China, and it is also an inevitable way to realize industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. In the process of use, this standard experimental condition can also be used to check the system

Mr. YangZhenning once said that the 21st century is the century of industrial design, and a country that does not pay attention to industrial design will become a laggard of tomorrow. Today, with the existence of design, no one has denied the importance of design for building an innovative country and promoting made in China to create in China

however, in order to make Chinese design occupy a place in the world, we have to consider the differences in understanding of industrial design between our domestic enterprises and foreign successful enterprises, and have to face up to the gap between us and foreign successful designs

liyousong, associate professor of the design department of Beijing Institute of printing, used the word puberty to describe the state of China's industrial design. At present, the design level of China's consumer electronics industry is in an unbalanced state of high point and low surface. Haier can be said to be a representative enterprise of Chinese design. At the same time, we also see that more Chinese enterprises have begun to pay attention to design and have made some achievements. However, for China's huge manufacturing scale, this amount is too small and too thin. China needs more Lenovo and Haier

many foreign experts gave pertinent opinions on the current situation of industrial design of China's consumer electricity industry

ralphwiegmann, executive director of if design award in Germany, believes that although China is known as the world's factory, good industrial design is not reflected in quantity, but in quality and technical level. It can be said that China's industrial design still has a long way to go. It needs to go step by step and avoid being eager for quick success

liyikui, President of Korea Design Promotion Institute, said that industrial design cannot exist alone. It should be perfectly integrated with culture, tradition and technology, and it is a kind of harmonious beauty. Each country has its own different cultural traditions. If it wants to occupy its place in the global industrial design field, it must combine its own unique cultural traditions. Never blindly copy and imitate other people's styles and forget its own traditions

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