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Industrial design system engineering

Abstract: the process management of industrial design is a system engineering. This paper discusses the concept and task of design management, the organization and type of industrial design in enterprises, the composition and content of design departments, and the practice of design management in enterprises

key words: industrial design; Administration; Organization

1 design management and its tasks

design management is an important part of enterprise management. With the development of enterprises, its connotation is expanding day by day

industrial design is established with enterprises as the media. Today, industrial design has the content and nature closely related to enterprise management. The advantages and disadvantages of design management have a direct impact on the operation and achievements of enterprises. Design management has become an aspect of realizing enterprise objective management. It plays a role in the comprehensive management of various elements centered on the design industry

the scope of design management is related to the enterprise's decision-making, that is, to express the enterprise's purpose, culture, business policy, etc. through design. The practical management of design includes design planning, schedule planning, personnel management of designers, education and coordination with other departments

the fundamental task of design management is to design new products with advanced technology, convenient use, economic rationality, beauty and marketability in a planned and step-by-step manner in accordance with the national science and technology, ③ chemical recovery economic policies and the strategic objectives of the enterprise, taking the needs of the market and the people as the basis for the development of new varieties and technologies

2 organizations of industrial design

there are various organizations around people. Everyone has a relationship with certain organizations, is affected by various organizations, and lives in them. Industrial designers hope to work in the design department of the enterprise and give full play to their talents in the enterprise. In order to achieve personal goals, each designer usually works around the organizational goals, and achieves personal goals with the completion of the overall organizational goals. Modern industrial product design involves a wide range of fields, great technical difficulties and heavy design work. Therefore, special design organizations should be engaged in design research and development. The reasons are as follows: ① to expand the ability of adults, a few people can come up with many new ideas from different standpoints, greatly improving people's creativity; ② It can greatly shorten the time required to achieve the goal; ③ Easy to accumulate knowledge, experience and promote; ④ Facilitate effective management

according to the situation of Chinese enterprises, the design, research and development of new industrial products are mainly carried out by design institutes, research institutes, or research institutes affiliated to academies of Sciences, local research and design departments affiliated to provinces and cities, or design and research institutions affiliated to colleges and universities. Some large enterprises or professional companies also have their own design and research departments. A few small and medium-sized enterprises also have design departments or design offices. However, most enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and township enterprises, do not have designers or design departments. As a result, they plagiarize each other, fail to take into account scientific research, and their products often do not meet the needs of modern life. For the survival and development of enterprises, we must pay attention to talent reserve, establish and improve the new product development and design organization

3 types of design organizations

three types of foreign enterprise design organizations foreign design departments are generally divided into three types

the traditional pyramid organization is characterized by the authority from top to bottom. Both commands and information are transmitted from top to bottom

matrix organizes systems such as design center, design headquarters and Design Office of GS division. In this organization, in addition to the vertical authorities and processes of the general manager with different functions, there are also the authorities and horizontal processes of the project development of the scientific research project leader. The members of the organization should accept the dual leadership of the general manager and the project leader

several typical design organization forms

the form in which the design department is located in the technology department, such as the design section and the design office. Such enterprises focus on the technical department to facilitate the close connection between the design, planning and production processes

design organization of the automobile company the design organization of the automobile company is divided into studios by vehicle type. The development contents of each team do not understand each other

organizational form of the household appliance industry due to the expansion of the design field, the enterprises in the household appliance industry set up design headquarters and design centers, and set up design offices or design teams of various business divisions

other organizational forms this is a future oriented system that can respond to environmental changes. For example, the Design Institute of the Royal University of the Arts in the UK. The Institute is divided into four departments: design education, development of hospital equipment and welfare machines, methodology and CADD. It accepts entrusted research and forms a design and research group suitable for this subject upon receiving the entrusted project. The members of the organization include researchers and international students from foreign countries. The design takes the main designer as the core, and the project team is composed of industrial designers, ergonomics, system engineers, mechanical engineers, nurses and other experts. There is no subordinate relationship within the organization. When the project ends, the personnel will be dismissed. When a new delegated project comes, new members are reorganized. The appointment of design and research members adopts the contract system, and the contract is renewed every two years. There are few designers in China, so it is appropriate to use this method for reference

4 composition and business content of design department

each enterprise sets up a design department according to its own actual situation, and regardless of the organizational form, it is composed of the design practice department, service department and management department

the design practice department includes the Department that carries out business according to the product plan and the product proposal department

the business department mainly carries out the design of new products, the improvement and new modeling of existing products, and the modification of some improved products according to the product plan. Most designers work in this organization

the product proposal department mainly puts forward proposals for the commercialization of new technologies to predict the commodities to be developed and produced in 3-5 years (10 years for automobiles). Such as the commercialization of new technologies and materials. This department is very important to the development of the enterprise and is highly valued

in the process of making the product image concrete, the designer of the model making department must use the subject of three-dimensional space to conduct research, and decide that the final model of the design must be 1/1 the same as the product produced. In the past, the new product models and prototypes of enterprises were entrusted to external units for processing. Now, most enterprises' products, especially automobile design, generally set up a model making department in the enterprise for confidentiality

CAD departments are gradually popularizing CAID that serves industrial design in the design departments of enterprises

design service department the design service department is a department that provides various information and services to the design department in order to make the design practice department work more effectively. The main work contents include: providing the products, product photos or product samples, drawings, etc. previously produced and sold by the enterprise; Collect and provide products, photos or samples of other enterprises; Collect and provide foreign products, photos or samples; Provide the classification of different models and prices between the enterprise and other enterprises; Collection and arrangement of new technical information; Information collection and sorting of new materials; Color management; Collection and arrangement of design documents; Translation of foreign design information; Arrangement of design records; Collation of patents, utility cases, registration, trademarks and other bulletins

the design management department is the Department that makes the design business go smoothly. Its work includes: making annual budget (such as market research fees, equipment and materials, reference books, etc.), personnel management of designers, organizing meetings of the design department and sorting out meeting minutes

5 the combination of design management and design management in enterprises reflects the friction and wear process of dual film pairs from various angles. The GUI human-computer interaction graphical system has significantly improved the automation of the experimental machine and the content of human-computer interaction meter management work. Each country and unit are different, but the main aspects are roughly the same

design strategy

the so-called design strategy refers to the policy of putting forward appropriate policies on the basis of business philosophy and business purpose in order to achieve the objectives of the enterprise, and integrating the specific image of the design and the unified image of the enterprise with the planning, design, production, sales, publicity and other relevant links of the enterprise operation

there are not many foreign enterprises that have clearly put forward the trinity of business philosophy, business purpose and design strategy. Among the integrated representative enterprises are the famous Italian voliberti company, the German Braus company and the American GE company. For example, Braus' design strategy is: daily life appliances that have a close relationship with the user; Simultaneity, cosmopolitanism, symmetry as a human scale and new possibilities; Suitable for practical use, full of innovation and independence; A product should be related, practical and beautiful in the whole product plan

the design strategy must be implemented to all personnel of the design department and all departments of the whole enterprise, and must be reflected in the products

design plan

the design plan is not only decided by the design department, but also needs to exchange information with the technical department, manufacturing department, business department, etc. on the basis of the information, concept, enterprise strategy, business purpose and business policy of these departments, set design objectives, formulate design schemes, and gradually clarify them through product development meetings and planning meetings

the purpose and function of the design plan are: to improve the design of trademark image; Design based on social trends and demand forecasting; Design based on technology development and technology prediction; Design based on product life cycle prediction; Design to adapt to market competition; Design based on changing needs and diversified values; Design to reduce cost, etc

due to various unexpected problems encountered during the implementation of the design plan, the design plan, especially the schedule plan, must be revised at any time. Adjust on the premise that the target is reached on schedule

designer management

to achieve the goals of the design department, designers must be relied on. Each designer has different ways of thinking, lifestyle and motivation to the design department. The management personnel in the design management shall have the ability to coordinate the relationship between the management personnel and the whole design department, and to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the designers in order to achieve the objectives

since the specific implementation of all design objectives needs to be carried out by designers, in a sense, the management of designers is the most important aspect of design management

in foreign countries, designers have changed from the concept of modeling experts to the coordinator who organically contacts with all departments of the whole enterprise, and developed from professionals to the general manager of the enterprise or talents with both qualities. Therefore, designers should not only have the education and training of modeling, but also be trained as planners who can insight into future changes and have the ability to adapt, as well as industrial designers who have the knowledge of "operation management" and "finance", and carry out the education and training of "operation", "economics" and other aspects

foreign enterprises provide vocational training for newly employed designers, such as Hitachi, Panasonic and other large enterprises. The training period is one year. The contents include performance technology, business purpose, management, workshop labor, and marketing

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