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The guiding opinions of the State Council on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the construction of new manufacturing foundations such as industrial cloud and intelligent service platform, and strengthen the basic support for integrated development. This year's government work report clearly stated that we should thoroughly implement made in China 2025, accelerate the application of big data, cloud computing and IOT, and promote the transformation of production, management and marketing modes of traditional industries with new technologies, new formats and new models. The Ministry of industry and information technology, together with relevant departments, takes the industrial cloud as an important foundation for the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet, and focuses on the construction and application promotion of industrial cloud platform to promote the development of industrial cloud in China

the development of industrial cloud has entered a new stage.

at present, the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing is accelerating its integration with the manufacturing industry, leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. The application of industrial cloud has penetrated into the whole process of manufacturing R & D, production, management, marketing, logistics and services, continuously promoted the continuous reform of manufacturing R & D innovation system, production organization mode and operation management mode, continuously cultivated new modes such as networked collaborative manufacturing, personalized customization and service-oriented manufacturing, and continuously promoted new business forms such as manufacturing mass entrepreneurship and innovation, industrial e-commerce and industrial interconnection

in recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology has taken an active role in the development of industrial cloud. After the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet, it has studied and formulated a series of policy documents to support the development of industrial cloud, such as the three-year action plan for Cloud Computing Development (year), the informatization and industrialization integration development plan (year), and supported the construction of a large number of industrial cloud platforms through special funds, pilot demonstrations, etc, It has established an industrial cloud standardization system with the guide to the construction of cloud computing integrated standardization system as the core, and gradually formed a policy system, standard and standard work system, service system and guarantee mechanism to support the development of industrial cloud

2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and carried out industrial cloud innovation action. Promote the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet by innovating information service mode. In the special action plan for the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization (year), the pilot of industrial cloud innovation services was taken as an important task to promote the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization. 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang were identified as the first batch of industrial cloud innovation Service Pilots, and financial support was given to their industrial cloud platform construction

at present, the construction of the national industrial cloud platform is hot, and it is stepping into the stage of full implementation, rapid iteration and self-improvement. New business forms and models based on the industrial cloud are emerging, and the cloud service system for small and medium-sized enterprises is improving day by day. According to incomplete statistics, the cumulative registered users of domestic public industrial cloud service platforms have exceeded 15million, effectively promoting the application of industrial cloud services

the innovation service pilot has achieved remarkable results

after nearly three years of construction, the industrial cloud innovation service pilot has achieved remarkable results. The pilot provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have completed the construction and put into use of the industrial cloud platform according to the pilot project plan, providing users with professional industrial cloud services, and becoming a platform for resource gathering, intelligence gathering, service gathering, supply and demand docking, and industrial collaboration, And a variety of service modes have been formed, such as member services, rent for purchase, customized development, demand crowdsourcing, etc

the proportion of enterprise users of industrial cloud platform has steadily increased. The number of users of industrial cloud platforms in pilot provinces and cities has increased year by year. The number of registered users of industrial platforms in 11 pilot provinces and cities has increased from 243600 in 2013 to 1563000 in 2015, an increase of 542% in three years. Meanwhile, the number of enterprise users served by the industrial cloud platform has steadily increased year by year, from 40900 in 2013 to 263700 in 2015, an increase of 545% in three years. By 2015, the proportion of enterprise users of industrial cloud platforms has increased to 17%. The proportion of enterprise users of industrial cloud platforms in Shandong, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou has exceeded that of individual users. Enterprises are becoming the main users of industrial cloud platform services

flexible platform architecture becomes the basis for providing efficient services. Industrial cloud platforms in Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Henan and other provinces and cities provide enterprises with CAD, CAE, PLM, SRM and other application software services in SaaS mode; Henan, Heilongjiang and other industrial cloud platforms provide enterprise users with cloud computing such as computing, storage, pendulum replacement and sample base storage through IAAs mode; Beijing, Guizhou and Chongqing Industrial cloud adopt the 1+n platform construction and service mode, integrating other advantages to put down the drawing pen of the putter and enter the resources and services of the drawing platform

the industrial cloud experience center has become an important supplement to the online platform. In order to better provide users with training and industrial cloud service experience, Jiangsu, Henan and other pilot provinces and cities have built industrial cloud experience centers, which integrate the functions of industrial cloud experience and training exchange, and visually show enterprises the in-depth application of information technology in industrial design, manufacturing, service and other links, It provides an experience environment for carrying out industrial cloud services and organizing relevant training, and effectively enhances the publicity and promotion effect of industrial cloud services

industrial cloud platform brings significant social and economic benefits. Since the construction of industrial cloud platforms in 11 pilot provinces and cities was started in 2013, the services and resources provided have been continuously enriched, the number of registered users, especially enterprise users, has increased rapidly, and the operating revenue has increased steadily. By the end of 2015, the number of registered users of industrial cloud platforms in pilot provinces and cities had exceeded 1.563 million, the number of enterprise users had exceeded 260000, the platform revenue was 107million yuan, and the project capital investment was 186million yuan. According to incomplete statistics, the industrial cloud platforms of 11 pilot provinces and cities have provided 579 software tools and services, more than 26000 part models, drawings, standards and other resources, and nearly 3800 training course videos

the application and resources of the industrial cloud platform effectively reduce the application threshold of enterprise informatization, promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises; It effectively improves the R & D efficiency of enterprises, makes full use of social wisdom to enhance the innovation ability of enterprises, promotes the improvement of innovation ability of enterprises, and provides a platform and environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation; It has promoted information interaction, integration and collaboration of the whole industry chain and the whole value chain, innovated the allocation of factors, manufacturing and industrial organization methods, promoted the interconnection of production and the sharing of socialized manufacturing resources, and promoted the innovation of enterprise production methods and industrial organizations

according to the introduction of relevant responsible comrades of Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Guangdong Industrial cloud innovation service pilot project has completed the overall architecture of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS, and realized the access and operation of Guangye cloud, environmental protection cloud, detection cloud, energy cloud, portal cloud and other products. The phase II platform will be explored and optimized in product innovation, software integration, function expansion, user experience, platform scalability, friendly interface and other aspects. It is planned to be officially launched in the second quarter of 2016. By the end of April 2016, the total registered users of Guangdong Industrial cloud platform had reached 68003, and the number of enterprise users had reached 6317

as one of the six old industrial bases in China, Chongqing actively carries out the construction and promotion of industrial cloud innovation service platform. According to the mode of main platform + sub platform, the Platform Builder, enterprise merchants and third-party partners jointly provide enterprises with information integration services such as product design, data management, collaborative marketing, operation management, energy-saving loss and current situation diagnosis, which plays an important role in supporting and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhancing their core competitiveness. According to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, as of the end of 2015, the main platform has attracted 104 enterprise users, and the sub platform has attracted a total of 1.17 million registered users. In 2015, the platform achieved a revenue of 48.18 million yuan

liuxijian, general manager of the information management department of CNPC, said that the CNPC cloud computing platform has built an infrastructure resource pool that is flexibly shared, uniformly controlled and distributed on demand by using computing virtualization, core edge storage network architecture and big two-tier network technology. It has the service capacity of 2800 servers and 9.9pb storage. It has provided 16000 cloud computing units and 14 cloud services, It is currently the largest enterprise cloud computing platform in the energy industry. At the same time, the enterprise cloud security protection system and standard system have been preliminarily established, and good results have been achieved

create a new situation in the development of industrial cloud

the development of industrial cloud in China is in the initial exploration stage. While achieving preliminary results, it is also facing many problems and challenges. Understanding needs to be further deepened and improved, resources and services need to be further enriched and improved, standards and specifications need to be established and improved, business models need to be further cultivated and innovated, security and credit systems need to be established, and the lack of industrial cloud professionals needs to be solved

yaolei, deputy director of informatization research center of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said in an interview with China Electronics News that in the future, we should further strengthen the overall planning and support for the development of industrial cloud. Formulate and issue industrial cloud development guidelines or implementation guidelines, guide manufacturing enterprises, information technology service enterprises, software developers, system integrators, telecom operators, Internet enterprises and other industrial cloud participants to strengthen cooperation, and support the development and growth of industrial cloud platforms. Summarize the successful experience and practices of industrial cloud platform, strengthen demonstration and guidance, and accelerate the popularization and specialization of industrial cloud services. At the same time, it is suggested to establish a policy and fund guidance mechanism to continuously support the construction, promotion and application of industrial cloud platform. In the process of promotion, enterprises can be encouraged to use platform services and create a good promotion and application environment by means of government purchase of services, evaluation and bonus, application subsidies, etc

promote the construction of manufacturing industry cloud platform by classification. Guide large manufacturing enterprises to build private cloud service platforms, promote the migration of enterprise core businesses to cloud platforms, transform the original information systems with cloud computing mode, dynamically optimize resource allocation, and cultivate new modes of enterprise wide process information sharing and business collaboration; According to the common needs of various industries and regional key industries and industrial clusters, promote the construction of industrial cloud platforms, develop industrial cloud services such as computing and storage resource leasing, manufacturing software development and deployment, and applications that meet specific needs, and explore new models for the integration and sharing of design resource libraries such as tool libraries, model libraries, parts libraries, standard libraries, and knowledge bases. Support the construction of industrial cloud public service platform, promote the continuous optimization of industrial cloud services and resources, and enhance the in-depth application of industrial cloud in enterprises; Relying on industrial clusters or industrial parks, support the construction of an all factor, multi-functional and integrated regional public cloud service platform, provide public services such as R & D and design, data management, investment and financing for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and cultivate a new model of socialized, shared and networked services

promote the formulation of relevant standards and specifications for industrial cloud. Research and develop the top-level reference framework of industrial cloud platform, and promote comprehensive standardization around the compatibility of technical architecture, data storage, data interface, application mode, etc. in cross system and cross platform integrated applications, as well as key areas such as information security. Support the establishment of the industrial cloud promotion alliance, and unite all forces to jointly formulate open and inclusive standards that meet the needs of the market and innovation. Promote the process of international standardization, encourage and support

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