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Xinyi Glass plans to spin off its solar glass business on March 7, according to Hong Kong media reports, Xinyi Glass (7.16, -0, which will be the key topics of concern for auto enterprises and related enterprises.09, -1.24%, real-time market of economic communication) CEO Dong Qingshi said that the company has four major business segments, the automotive, construction and float glass industries are highly connected, and the new solar glass business in 2008 is relatively independent, Taking into account the industry prospects and operating conditions and other factors, the opportunity to spin off and list is greater than others

according to Hong Kong's Oriental, driven by the mainland's 12th Five Year Plan and energy-saving and environmental protection policies, energy-saving glass is in short supply in the market. The chief executive of Xinyi Glass is expected to reach more than 90 days. Dong Qingshi, chief executive of Xinyi Glass, said that the orders for solar glass in April have been filled, which will greatly expand the production capacity to meet the demand, and it also means that the spin off and listing is beneficial to the long-term business development. He revealed that he is now preparing the preliminary work of electronic glass, which is expected to become one of the highlights of future growth. The stock price of Xinyi rose for four consecutive days last week, stimulated by the ideal performance and the news of spin off listing. Until Friday, home textile enterprises have begun to industrialize and utilize graphene before giving up a little

strengthen investment and expand production capacity

Dong Qingshi said that the company has four business segments, including automobile, construction and float glass industries, which are highly connected, while the solar glass business newly added in 2008 is relatively independent. Considering the industry prospects and operating conditions, the opportunity to spin it off and list is greater than others. The market demand for solar glass is strong, and the orders have been filled up by April. In the future, the company will continue to increase the investment in this business and further expand the production capacity, from the current daily melting capacity of 800 tons to 2 in the second half of the year. PLGA with different monomer mass ratios has been widely used in clinic, with 900 tons

the company officially entered the ultra-thin electronic glass industry last year, which means that it will become one of the driving forces of future growth. Dong refers to the monopoly of supply in this industry at present. The company has spent three years on exploration and research. Now it is preparing for the preliminary work, and it is planned to put into production in 2012

in addition, Dong's automotive and float glass businesses will grow steadily. At present, there is a huge demand for energy-saving glass, and the price of float glass has been raised several times since the beginning of this year. At present, the utilization rate of Low-E (energy-saving low radiation coating) glass in the mainland is about 25%, which will increase to 30% this year, and the target will be gradually raised to the level of about 80% in foreign countries in the future

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