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Xinyi Glass hopes to expand capacity and improve efficiency

Xinyi Glass is one of the major manufacturers in the mainland glass industry chain, and it is also the largest manufacturer of float glass in the mainland. Float glass is also the main source of income for the group. Last year, the sales volume of the group increased by 5. 5% to 114. 600million yuan, of which pan Xuezhu, deputy general manager of Asia Aluminum Group, the collector of float glass, said that he was promoted to 6. 6% to 50. 2.2 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the total revenue. 8%。 Although the demand for glass in the mainland fell, the central government implemented stricter environmental protection regulations on the new float glass production line, which led to a decline in the overall capacity supply of float glass in the mainland last year, which is expected to bring more opportunities to the group

last year, the net profit of the group increased by 55% to 21. 1.3 billion yuan. Due to the reduction of material costs and energy costs, as well as the improvement of production efficiency, the overall gross profit margin increased from 25. 2% to 27. 3%。 At present, the group has carried out its first overseas project, a leading project in Malaysia, to establish a high-quality float glass production line and a low radiation production line that have formed a public supporting system integrating dual circuit power supply, water supply, sewage treatment, public pipe gallery, wharf, fire station, heat supply, gas, industrial gas and communication. The production line of coated glass is expected to be put into operation in the second half of this year, It is expected to benefit from lower production and energy costs and tax incentives. In addition, with the mainland supporting the development of new energy, the group has also established its first wind farm project in Anhui Province, but the results and performance contributions remain to be seen

at present, the group plans to spin off its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinyi automotive glass Hong Kong Enterprise Co., Ltd. and list it on the gem in the form of introduction, which is worth noting. The trend is also widely used, rising to 5 on April 14. The 48 yuan fell due to resistance, and the high-level consolidation after the period. Yesterday, the 20 antenna was re installed, the STC% K line rose through the%d line, and the MACD bear gap narrowed. On the 14th, the RSI broke through the 5-day line, and it is expected to rise again after consolidation. It is advisable to wait for the low 5 yuan to be absorbed, and if a big deal breaks through 5. 5 yuan resistance, the upward trend is expected to continue, not falling below 4. 8 yuan continued to be held

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